Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Nearly three years ago I began writing blogs. My sole interest then was alcoholism and alcoholic recovery. I started enjoying art and poetry. Today May 25 is my birthday (Gemini) and it occurs to me how I have been so blest, so gifted with prints of art works from six different bloggers over a two-year span.

Last night I decided to hang these pieces on the wall in front of my computer. I sit here now, just happily awestruck each time I look up from the computer. 

This blog is my gallery of friends ON that wall, and the Peeps who squiggled, drew, penciled and painted. I am thrilled, and joyfully post this blog:

First time I really examined a painting was the Lady in Red by CALLI and Calli-Girl sent it to me famed, ready to hang.

Then I met blogger "CAT"
Vibert in Ashville, NC and liked her FARM IN SNOW

The next four gifts are drawn by a fellow-Gemini, CES ADORIO...each one I received for a special reason, but have forgot the 'reasons'. Just now I enjoy being surrounded by "Ces-Art"

The Flower drawing next to the two nuts (Ces) below is "MEDITATION" by my wife PRAYER-GIRL, another Gemini (May 29)

Another by CES ADORIO...I really love these three ladies. Pathos, pain, heart-hurts--of a missing friend? THANK YOU, Ces. TSUP!

On the left:
These are gifts from--I want to call her LADY BELLA BELLA--like "Lady GAGA"!!!! However, grateful I am to have two of her illos! TSUP!

If only you could see this in person, the colors are exquisite. It is the header for her blog and LINDA is her name. She promised me this because I admired it so.

And now I can admire each morning and meditate on this beautiful FARM SCENE by LINDA

Inadequate is my ability to express the gratitude and love I have for these Peeps and their dedication to making this world a better place through their art. The wall looks like THIS:

As Manon Doyle writes: "Fill your heart with art!"


  1. Oh wowieeeeeeeee! Happy birthday twin Gemini peep!!! What a great wall you have over there. The frames are gorgeous! Oh wow, I am jelly-os!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Tsupa tsupa tsup!

  2. A good bunch of fine art to admire.
    Happy birthday peep.

  3. Happy Birthday Steveroni! I am blessed to have met you and the lovely Prayer Girl and loved our hour in the heart of the storm. You wall of art is fabulous! What a wonderful treasure to have around you! A great big hug and loads of love my friend. :-)

  4. Wow! So beautiful! I love your wall! That makse for great writing space! My hubby is also a Gemini. I'm not really sure what all that means, but it is intriguing, isn't it?

  5. these are so cool...quite teh art collection you have put together from your peeps...happy bday man!

  6. Yippee! I can post again!!!!!!!!!
    Much love on OUR birtday!

  7. what a gift you have given us, those of us lucky enough to have wandered your way... i am gifted beyond measure by having you in my life and am grateful today is your birthday, a day to rejoice because you are on the planet.

    and a gemini too!!! you are a gemini i treasure :)

    your wall is gorgeous!!! to be surrounded by art from those who love you is loveliest of all...such a gift and also a reminder... ;)

    much love and eat a piece of bday cake for me! wish i could be there with you to give you a hug for this post. xox ~*~ ♥ ~*~

  8. CES:
    WHEEEEE! I'm glad you like it!

    Thank you! May roses grow in Pakistan...and PEACE spring from that garden...

    You such busy Girl-Peep...thank you for coming here today!

    My socks finally dried..but I wonder why they smell?

    Thanks for B'Day wished. I LOVE your "Cat-card", you see how much. It's hanging in my "gallery" for two years now.

    It is good you know me, who 'knows everything'...Gemini is...ummmm...
    well, WELL,...YOU know..."Who took my dictionary"??? (sigh!)

    Surrounded by art is sort of "surrounded by God", the GREATEST Artist-Creator! Thanks, 'Fiddler'!

    NOW! When all you poet-Peeps come out with your books (one from Tess Kincaid due in August!)
    I can build a
    Bloggers-Poet-Corner...You'd be first in the contents. "B" for Brian, right?--grin! (Give you some more humility there, LOL!

    I got your message...but I STILL cannot log onto your blog...puzzled! So here it is: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY TO YOOO, TOOO!

    You are a kindest, most generous soul! With those others. When I look up at the wall, I think now of COUNTLESS 'conversations' in comments with this whole group. Sometimes critical, sometimes witty, fun, loving, supportive. And the blessings are mine. MINE, you hear?

    May God, by whatever Name, smile upon us ALL, and especially you,
    Linda! PEACE!

  10. Happy birthday Steve. Nice collection of art on that wall.

  11. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA PPY BIRFDAY!!! Oooh, you are something else. You know, I think you should really have listed these alphabetically. That would put me....first! Bahahahahahaha! Don't let these platform shoes and wild wigs fool you. I am no Lady. I have, however, been known to make my entrance being carried in a humongous egg. What's the fun in just walking? Pffft.

    What a wonderful wall you have, Maestro! That gorgeous flower by your wife deserves a very special frame, don't you think? I did not know your wife was a splendid artist! You are surrounded by love every time you sit down to your computer. And when you get up to do something else, too.

    Now go have fun today! Do something special! And just so you know, 73 lines of poetry would take me an entire 2.82 days to read. Glad you refrained.


  12. SYD:
    Thank you--Man, you are EVERYWHERE! (On the blogs.)

    YOU guys are the gift-givers! I won't embarrass you by explaining.

    With all these pictures around me, I'm always in good company. I hate to leave my computer now.

    What do I mean "NOW"? I'm ALWAYS here, but no longer staring at a blank wall...with a blank mind in a sober blackout...LOL
    Thank you fellow Gemini...TSUP!

  13. Today is Bella's birthday.

  14. You mean Bella and Steve share the same Anniversary of Birth Day???

    No, you gotta be kidding.

    BTW, I like your Avatar--as if it mattered what I 'like'--grin!

  15. That is not me on my avatar. That is my twin sister. Heheheh! I do have a Gemini twin sister!

  16. What the heck?! It's not my birthday. My birthday is a loooooooong way from today.

    This is Steve's special day, and his alone.

  17. Now I am confused--admit it is not an unusual state of mind for me...
    Maybe I should go to bed before midnight for a change. (The dog will think it's morning--grin!)

  18. How blessed you are to be surrounded by things that remind you daily of friends and friendships. I am a Gemini also - May 24th for me. :)

  19. happy birthday!!!!!!!!
    am i late?


  20. ive been away, taking a break from blogging, but im here now.

    please dont hate me.

  21. happy
    dearest Steve.
    your wall is wonderful.


  22. Beautiful!!!! Happy day after your birthday too!

  23. MAGPIE:
    Sorry, missed yours. But I celebrated enough for TWO on the 25th...OK? :)

    Mita, I do not believe anyone in the whole world could ever 'hate' you. OK? You are a most talented lady, and that's THAT!--grin!

    Also...thank you for your wishes for me yesterday...or today. I'll accept Both!

    Always here. Always there. That is how I remember Jess--and always WILL! Thank you!

  24. I love the Lady In Red. She is very enigmatic and mysterious. The red in the background is very lovely. Beautiful picture.

    "Lady in Red" by Calli (blogger-Friend) was the first EVER piece of art I was given. So a special place she (both "Lady" AND Calli) occupy here...and here!

  26. ... oh, too late!
    But today I congratulate Steve and I am glad that you are there!
    God's blessing for the new year of your life ... (next year I know: 25 May - Steve bday)
    Greetings from Cosima ...

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