Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, May 20, 2011


My FIRST Great-Grandchild, nearly two but not "terrible" is such a beautifully-made boy. He owns two marvelous parents. And I am SO proud. I met him on my first scooter trip in August 2009...and we WILL meet again!


Two years a resident.
One day a President?
Whether what or who--
Peeps will say, "We knew
Him WHEN...
But then,
Never theorized
Never realized
The mark each leaves
On world's Peeps.”

God and a mother know
At birth
The worth
Of that life, that soul,

Whether he'll be tall or small.
Only God, Who knows all
Is able to hold him high or
Pick him up from a fall

please Bless him and all babes
Those here, and over there



  1. Amen, and poem is BEAUTIFUL .You are bless Steve :)Your grand son is so adorable,mash Allah.

    It is kind of you to comment here, and I really appreciate that. You are first!

  3. Amen! He is a beautiful being. A great grandchild is a blessing, indeed.

  4. So adorable! What a beautiful poem. We are celebrating a birthday at my house today too!

  5. big smiles. know you are so proud...and he will grow to be an amazing man...what will he be time will tell but fill him with love and hope...

  6. So blessed you are, Steve.
    Your grandchild is a beautiful child and I loved the poem!

    (Glad you didn't name your blog "Plain Jane"...because you are anything BU plain--Jane--grin!) Nice of you to come here today. Thanks! PEACE!

    Elise, nice to read your comment, believe me!

    Yep! Maybe he'll be a poet--he will certainly read yours some day.

    Ya know, I believe all one has to do is put up a photo of a 'pretty baby' and comment s will flow in. (Build it and they will come???)--grin!

  8. Great tribute. Once he is old enough to read he will even more appreciate his great grandfather's love for him.

  9. Beautiful poem gift for something as rare as a great grandchild.
    Most of all I love your prayer.
    Nothing made me so happy, as when I realized; prayers don't expire on date.

    You, Sir, have a real heart--it is great to know you.

    Fel, thank you. I did not realize the ending was a prayer until YOU pointed it out, but I see you're right.
    To me, it was just 'talking to God' words--and ya know what? That just MIGHT be what is PRAYER! grin!
    Thank you again for a GOOD comment. PEACE!

  11. He is CUTE! You are blessed :)

  12. Blessings raining down on that dear little head.

  13. hi steve, it's me on husband's computer as my lovely laptop up and died on my tonight...again....sigh....what an absolutely precious post is this... you are very blessed indeed, he is a treasure... i found myself wondering if he looked at all like you...have we EVER seen you, dear man? anyway, love you new look on your blog and that quote about the poor is so sad and so absolutely true.... the unseen, the modern leper...

    thank you too, for your kind comment today on my post.... i could not ever get on there to answer it so here i am to address it now...i always enjoy your thoughts and reactions to my work and this was no exception..you are wonderful for this woman's ego, that's for sure. thank you for always being there, kind friend. and stay tuned, i finished disappearing woman tonight and when blogger lets me, i will post it and look forward to your thoughts.

    and i do hope you get to see this little man very very soon. ♥xoxoxox

  14. He is so cute and blessed to have a loving family.

    Your post is a nice tribute to all children.. they are the future.

  15. Adorable looking child. What a thrill that ride must have been to meet your first grandchild. And now he's two. Yes, imagine what type of human being he grows into. And what will the world be like then? What a wonder.
    I'm a step-grandmother. Does that count? She was born last year when I was in China. The ultrasound was sent to me on CD and I played it for students under the 'one child only' law who'd never seen an ultrasound before. They were captivated, male an female alike. I translated what the midwife was saying to my daughter-in-law to them, and they never got bored. I imagine they'll remember that ultrasound viewing for the rest of their lives. A week ago my step granddaughter turned one, and when she was first conceived there were whispers of abortion. I'm so glad she was born. She's a pure delight!

    I'm commenting YOU first, because what you have written here is SUCH a beautiful story...it would be worthy of a blog post any time! Thank you for putting it down right here...and PEACE!

    They ARE the future...and sometimes I look at a young child and realize sh/he will probably live to age 125 or more, . What MARVELOUS happenings they will witness, of which we cannot even DREAM!

    ...with all else--now COMPUTER problems! However, NMW (No Matter What!) your art shines through EVERYTHING. An your persona shines through as never before at every sunrise, continuing to the following sunrise. You are AMAZING Peep!
    LOVE you. PEACE!

    Wish the same blessing would rain on EVERY 'little head'...and maybe they do, in ways beyond our understanding. Thank you!

    Honey, I KNEW you could not resist another photo of a beautiful child--grin! Thank you for commenting!!!
    PEACE, girl!

  17. Amen! Beautiful Prayer & Beautiful kid!

  18. Oh, my goodness!!! He is adorable! It's like I just want to eat him up and he would melt in my mouth, lol! And I LOVE your poem, Steve. I think this one is my favorite. This one and the bench. So...when are you going to compile your poetry into a book? Hmmm....?

    Thanks for the vote, by the way!!!!! :D

  19. wow steve - you have already a great grandchild - superb - you can be so proud - he's super cute!!

  20. OMG, great grandchild! I missed that. WOW, indeed. You are so very lucky and, I assume, wise. Now I'll have to listen to you better. :)

    Everyone cycles, scooters and motorcycles here. And I'm used to seeing all kinds of people, and at all ages, with some of the most amazing things behind their bicycle seats. I once even saw a man cycling home with a small but tall, thin tree - I kid you not! Didn't have my camera with me...'jammer' [pity], as we say in Dutch.

  21. JEREMY:
    Thank you so much, friend!

    Kimberly! I have to remember to stuff the ballot box again Sunday. Thank you for your kind words--very supportive! N O B O O K !!!! (I would not know where to begin. Then to have to pay to have my own words written back at me--I don't think so...) But I can offer PEACE! Because I have that!!!

    Oh I am always happy to see you visiting my place, German-Girl! Poet Extraordinaire! Wonderful Peep!

    I've ALWAYS respected Peeps who "double-dip" (I'm one of them--grin!) It means to a writer that they really care about what is written...one other Peep's thoughts, dreams, feelings, beliefs. Would that our world were FULL of Peeps like you, Shers!

  22. AMEN

    The poem is a beautiful tribute, it sings!

  23. .. the poem gives pleasure to your great-grandchildren when he is great ... it's a poem for all the grandchildren ... thanks Steve ... blessings you and your family ...
    ... I came back today from visiting my youngest grandchild ... almost 3 months, and so sweet ... but great-grandchildren I have not ... my oldest grandson (24) is still under study ... no time for family ...
    Greetings from Cosima

  24. JESSIE:
    One other wrote to me it sounded like a song--I'll think about that, maybe play it on a Charleston Friday evening in September...dreamimg--grin!

    A TRUE blogger you are, dear Cos--to return from your trip and get right into commenting on your Peeps' blogs! KUDOS (applause) for you! An thank you for the SO nice comments!

    Hope you trip to see Grandchild and family was GoooD

  25. Amen, indeed! What a sweetheart. Innocence, trust, love and just a touch of mischief to let us know he's related to you. :)

  26. MAGPIE:
    HAHAHAHA! You gave me that LAST LAUGH before going to bed. THANKS!!!