Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


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This is NOT the EYE OF A FLY
(It is left head lamp of my bike)  


awareness is the key
to remain alive
on US ninety-five.

life depends totally
on what I blindly see
(is that rig only one...or three?)
on super-drive ninety-five

riding north, who knows to where
or for that matter--even care?
horizon ahead dark...darkened sky,
storm a'coming on twin-ribbed 95

favorite overpass remembered, where
bike and I had in another year
been sheltered--in five more miles
and there alone, happy, dry...sit I
on route 95

 as bridge-shaking violent deluge
breaks loose (and long before it subsides) 
bikers arrive, strangers, now friends--
all generous with stories of their rides,

also freely giving of themselves--(grin!)
passing around bottles and tokes
like santa's little red-uniformed elves.
party time! well, me sober, and

still-hot Starbuck in hand,
I drink it black from vacuum--
it's all I ask, these moments of peace,
knowing all is well in biker land.

while storm ends amid happy cheers,
listen! on high bridge overhead
hundreds trucks squishing gears
rubber on wet pave, speed-ing

thunder no more
under cloudless sky
on U.S. ninety-five
as eighteen-wheelers 
roar and roll on by

biker be'ware, 
or be not alive.
safely drive 


how similar, meanings


  1. oh heck... stay safe on the road steve... made me think of sydney... the trucks are just HUGE and drive like crazy... i mean we have trucks as well but ours are smaller... a colleague from at work there crashed with a truck (the driver didn't even realize it) and he drove on with her car hanging on his buffer-bar...

  2. you not only drink it black but with a red eye as well...smiles....gotta love the road, but it is not without its perils...stay safe out there man...there are plenty on the roads that pay no attention to anyone else on the road....

  3. weather... traffic... I'll take a bike path myself

    1. tried riding on a bike path once...and got a ticket--I told cop, "Bicycles ride in street...so why cannot scooters ride on bike paths? HUH?" (one ticket became TWO tickets!)
      This happened long ago....

  4. Replies
    1. Yesss...do you know that for me, each Interstate has its own "feel" of/for life. Different ambience, drivers, pavement, frequency of overpasses, cleanliness of rest areas...and of course, contours of landscape...

  5. There's a lot going on as you travel I95 I've traveled that road many times..some places are rather scary and
    you have to stay alert to make it to your destination.

    peace & light...

  6. Wow, great piece no matter where or how one is travelling.

  7. i am really scared of bikes and bikers! but u do well :)

    1. Yuvika, what about air travelers?
      ...at least bikers have two wheels on the ground--well, MOST of the time!--grin!

  8. LOL! Steve, this gave me chills, and then a BIG smile. Yes, the comradee of bikers can be wonderful....

    Good to read you and I really liked this!


  9. On the road again. Great way to explore life.
    I explore mine in the half-marathon last Saturday, at 52, to find I am still young.
    As young as you.

    1. Is it true what people are saying...that anyone who RUNS 13-26.2 miles (just for fun) is CRAZY?
      HAHAHAHA! (I THOUGHT so!--grin!)

  10. :) Stay safe on the road. Light and peace :)