Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Wednesday, July 3, 2013



*no hay agua
no sobrevivir
ni árbol, ni la humanidad
vivirá mucho tiempo

trans at bottom:

a tree i am, i am.
a tree named sam

i need, i feed.
place where is water
i search for, find,
and drink.
i am tree
i am free

without water, my friends,
--i cannot survive.

sending thin veins, feelers
along;  slowly slinking roots
through mortared maze,
winding, webbing their way,
saying "me first, i thirst"
i am sam, am i....

what manner of city watchdog
would come by with a steel-
shining axe-like implement
to cause my "detriment"?

have you more right to live than me
parts of me make fire
for your warmth
i am lyre whose
owner shall charm
you with song
all along
your dreary life

thousand species use me as home
my branches can become your own
place to live--and love,
under, and/or above.

and even when you die
you'll know why.
i could be
your final earth-residence
where i last remind you
that only god (and Ces!)
can make a tree
---and he made me!



*no water
not survive
no tree, no human
live long


  1. i'm first..ha smiles...now reading...

    1. So THAT'S the secret--comment, then read. No WONDER i'm always way down in the lists..slow reader. You DO win the prize for today, a trip to the beach and breakfast at FIRST WATCH--next time you're in Naples Florida!

  2. the trees are smarter than we sometimes...digging their roots deep into the earth in search for water... always sad when a tree dies...but hey..the lucky ones end up as a book or a music instrument....a violin..maybe...? smiles

    1. Had violin in mind, but couldn't get my fiddle to rhyme with "fire". Thanks for your support, Claudia!

  3. i am rather fond of trees...i have some good friends that are trees...and like them we too need water that is for sure...can you imagine living somewhere you did not have clean water...and there are still places even today...mind boggling....

    trees carry such memories as well...climbing them, building forts...or just lazing under them and their shade....

    1. I remember also climbing, building forts, swinging. And TODAY I'm still practicing lazing under the shade of the old apple tree...SPLAT!

  4. Sentimental, John? You may be right. I had more in mind of being aware of creation OTHER than "me and my kind". The needs of "earth": air, water, sun, salt...whatever. Thanks for dropping by.

  5. we had something in common this week as we posted... i liked the punch to this as i flowed from line to line

    1. Two of us post picture of tree roots, finding a way to quench their thirst.
      AMAZING? Maybe not. But it DID inspire me to go read your blog, and I;m glad I did. Thanks

  6. Aloha!

    I am enjoying your blog. I'm 19 years old and in recovery in AA. I love reading other peoples' experiences in recovery outside of the meetings that I go to. I recently published my first book, a fiction story of five teenagers who get into recovery. If you happen to read it, I'd be curious to know your experience with it. It's called The Mango Thieves: New Beginnings, on Amazon.

    I also have a blog about my recovery called New Beginnings; it's on my website at www.katherinemellan.com. Hope to hear back from you! It's great fun to correspond with other writers in recovery.

    Katherine M.