Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


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Nice Picture? Look again, please. How many violins do you count?
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Both people I knew well, even loved,
in my self-centered way.
Both Grandmothers now dead.
I'll show you them today...

Mixture of English, Irish and Norwegian: 
When this lady checked out of a motel, anyone could have walked righ into the same room, and not known 
it had been occupied the night before. 
You get the picture?

Oh yes, "picture"!! Many Christain believers in that day had hanging in their living room a (famous) picture of Jesus, kneeling at foot of huge stone, several guys (apostles?) in the background. 
This painting was titled AGONY IN THE GARDEN. OK?

Well, one day a door-to-door saleslady came into GM's house, saw that "Agony" scene, blurted out, "Oh, Ma'am, I see you are catholic!"  BIG mistake. My GM turned the picture "face-to-the wall" and remained until her death.

Not wish to bore
y'all any more, so:


She, a mixture of GERMAN!

WINTER:  and we did slaughter a couple hogs annually during 1930's and 40's (WWII, ya know?).  GM was on the scene, Jelly Bean (Ooops, no rhyming here!).  Well, GM ("General Manager"???) assembled her pots, pans and kettles and collected everything the farmers left, e.g., intestines, eyeballs, tongue, liver and tail...
and  B L O O D !

Grandma cooked for several days, black soup , ingredient, blood; Sausages, ingredients, blood, fat, and maybe--I don't know--curly tail? She believe, to honor the pig--who blessed us with his life--waste nothing--NOTHING!

And then she made us "eat it, or go hungry"...ACHTUNG!
Here Note: I'd slip away, and in the horse barn sit on a bale of hay, and drink Muscatel wine, of which pint bottles were "hidden" in certain selected locations scattered around the farm.

ENOUGH OF THAT...Regarding "Spiritual Angle"--hehe--I must say GM missed not ONE DAY of mass and communion, unless she was very ill. (No wonder she got ill, too much blood?)

SO thence I came
to live in shame
wishing I'd been born a sea turtle
but living in house bathed in crepe myrtle
SEA TURTLES never eat "blood soup"
nor do they eat another's poop
--they live hundreds of years
that's all for now, my dears!



  1. ha. hope you get to live for hundreds of years brother...i had a mom that made you eat it or go hungry...ha...i do like the honoring of the pig that gave its life though...i think we should honor that which sustains us...and i would never eat poop...ha....

  2. haha...i knew that there must be some german blood running through your veins...smiles...ugh on the blood soup... my uncle had his own pigs and well...they made blutwurst...which is blood sausages...really...i just CANNOT eat it... i get the shivers when i just think about it....ha...my mom loves them...

    1. HA! I just KNEW you'd identify, Claudia. Yes, Blutwurst, that WAS one of our "delicacies"...
      LOTS of German--All uncles and my father--and all farmer neighbors spoke German.

  3. Hey, Izdiher and Brian! Thanks. I'm appreciating that you both show up here...

  4. A sea turtle...I never met a sea turtle I did not like ;)
    This was sweet. I wish you Peace and love.

    1. AYALA, I slept with a sea turtle once. It's a long story, I blogged it 4-5 years ago...maybe time for a re-run?
      PS Your comment is SO NICE! Thank you.

  5. I enjoyed the family stories and what strong women they are ~ I can relate about eating everything as I think my grandma is the same (it must be due to their war experiences) ~ And I actually like pig's blood, there is a native dish on that which I can't make but my grandma prepares it like a delicacy ~

    Happy day and week to you Steve ~

  6. That's pretty great right there.

  7. A real assortments of influences and outgrowths! Thanks. k.

  8. Gosh, I think I'll pass on the blood soup!
    Some very interesting grandmother's you had Steve.
    Thanks, I enjoyed reading :)

    1. I'll freeze some blood soup, in case you change your mind. It congeals quickly after the "letting".....

      Sorry, Margie...I don't think I was very nice in reply. Starting over:

      Hi Margie! Thank you for visiting and commenting.
      PEACE and LIGHT!

  9. i do believe there was a little loved between the lines... and traditions which every family has... glad you survived

    1. Hello, Rosebud of Wolf's...
      You are correct IMO...Between ALL lines of poetry there is hidden a bit of love, or else....?

      I read your July 4th "Freedom". You speak so much truth of other culture's
      beliefs, traditions. We (I) tend to forget, nearly every day for a time--the hope, faith, and strength of peole living in those lands of the "Not-So-Free"
      Thanks for clicking in here today...

  10. Oh this was both sweet and funny at the same time, and I think your pictured these ladies very well.

    I grew up on blood sausage and I really like it (made the Swedish ways), fried crispy and eaten with lingonberry jam, this was on the table once a week.

    Blood soup sounds bad though, but I know people who eat "black soup" made out of goose blood. It's quite sweet and is spiced like gingerbread.

    1. This is probably my final "FOOD BLOG"...Thanks, Bjorn..why did I not guess you were an aficionado of this bloody-type food? HA!

  11. hahahahha....sea turtle you shall be then, child (says one of your GM, perhaps?) :)


    1. OH YES...floating...peaceful and free. Only mission, to travel the world, and get back home once a year!

      Predators may eat my young--or the eggs--, but few can harm me, except those humans.

  12. Aww I love them already...
    you know I never got to grow up wid my grand parents.. It's one thing that I miss now... sometimes terribly

    1. ...YUP! A part of them IS a part of us. I see it daily. It must be all in that "BIG PLAN". Thank you for visiting, my Friend!

  13. LOVE both GM'S ! Grand ladies and so correct! It should be as if: We had never been there-And it IS good to not waste! - however blood and curly tails ?!! T.M.I.
    yikes... that is why we share the duties of raising and then eating our small stock...I do the first and third,4th part,- My hubby does the slaughter... : )

  14. Guess I knew your family "lived off the land", from reading your blog posts. And that's God's way for us, it seems. And we do not torture or prolong the deaths of our sustenances. Only humans do that to one another--and, I suppose cats play with their enemy. Is it a part of their preparation of the sacrifice? Smiling!
    Thanks for the comment, Izzy.

    Next time I'll withhold some of that "information"...