Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


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the man in front of me,
fragrant as well-worn shoe;
dressed(?) like long-term
front line soldier (he was!)
--he was used to it

unfamiliar to water and soap.
many years on the bowery
he lived to cope.
--he was accustomed to it

eyes unseeing at birth
closed tightly as sealed tomb,
hidden and hiding from
a world of beauty
--out of sight, out of mind? (NO!)

always could hear, 
but never to see--
a dearth of unknowing.
--whatcha don't know can't hurt ya.

Years later, unaware yet wary,
of ocean depth and desert dune,
hard realization set in--I also 
had not known what was
happening in my world
--man unknowing

before...now, and possibly
ever and ever--never.
--never say never, ever!

depression, long lurking 
has been set
and been met 
--get over it, sir

finally, nearly...then
neatly set itself in-
to my life. need ladder.
NOW! got to climb out.
--put this show on the road

will be better tomorrow.
isn't it always "better tomorrow"?
said miniature self, sitting
on hardwood, oaken shelf.
--listen to conscience...pray!

tomorrow, better, yessss!
make phone call
go to bed......ZZZzzzzzz..........
--it IS "tomorrow" (or today?) 
--all is well which ends well

Let me not think--however some are living, 
however "normal" it may seem to them, 
that they may NOT realize what 
they're missing.   I must believe that, 
with outside help--a Higher Power?
--drastic change WILL be accomplished.

Love and Peace!



  1. smiles...i knew a blind man when i was young who saw better than many...with his ears...he could tune a piano amazingly...

    i know a few that see the world better than most...and its got little to do with the eyes on their face and more the eyes of their heart...i think...


    i have hope for change too.

    1. I knew a sightless piano tuner, also very good. He tuned for the Conservatory of Music in Cincinnati during 30's and 40's.

      You know tuners dont even listen to note-pitch? They count the vibrations between two notes sometimes by "feeling". Hearing the pitch would really hamper the tuning process. E.g., musical note A (above middle C) vibrates exactly 440 times a second. This standard was agreed in 1939.

      Next timewe meet, I'll explainthis further, IF YOU CAN WAIT THAT LONG--might be a year, ya know! (I'd like to know if you even SAW this comment!)

      This information might help, next time you are on JEOPARDY!

  2. I like the thought that things will be better tomorrow ~ I have hope still ~

    Have a lovely week Steve ~

    1. Thank you, dear heaven. They still call me "fiddlemn" or "steveroni" and I don't mind, either. A lovely week for you, too, Ma'am.

  3. Interesting poem Steve..will be better tomorrow, isn't it always better tomorrow?
    I guess we can hope tomorrow is better but, in reality sometimes it is not. I guess you are questioning that very thought. I believe all these are possible with the help of a higher power.

    Bright Blessing..

    1. Thanks for blessing, I thrive on those, enjoy receivins and giving--even silent ones.
      Bless you.

      Yep it is also the answer/solution, for me. HP...OK HIGHER POWER
      (I hate abbrs. HAHAHAHA!)

  4. in the little prince is one of my fav lines...you only see good with the heart, the real important things are invisible for the eyes... think seeing with the heart is a key to a happy life as well.. and i think you're quite good with it...smiles

    1. You know, Claudia--YOU are so sweet. Are you married? OOOPS! OK. Yes, SO AM I

      We enjoy life a lot...and SMILE, too!

  5. There is always hope... live for the now, hope and love for the future.

    1. Dana, I sure like that, Live in the Now. Future, whether it's tomorrow or eternity, will be OKAY!

    2. It will be okay... we just have to conquer and move on!! Thank you very much for all the wonderful comments you left on my poems!! I really appreciate the time you spent reading through them. I'd love to collaborate!! I'm really good with short to the point poems, but I have a harder time writing something like a song.

  6. Hope is sometimes all we seem to have.

    1. When I combine hope with faith, it becomes trust. Then all I gotta do is Live Life as it unfolds...Whatever! (This works about 20% of the time for me, HAHAHA!)

  7. You know, some of those adages don't really cut it in real life, do they? Sometimes it is NOT better tomorrow....but we have to find some way of maintaining hope, don't we? And sometimes tomorrow does surprise us!!

    1. Well Mary, can "tomorrow" not mean next year? Or maybe in 5 years? Etc?

  8. They say the longest journey is from the head to the heart! With Hope and light-
    Good write Steve, thanks-

    1. Thanks Izzy. With practice, can we not shorten that journey? A little bit?

      (Sometimes A LOT?!)

  9. A better tomorrow.

    Isn't it a dream?

    and everyday is a dream.

  10. tomorrow is always better - that's today's consolation

    1. YESSSSS! Combined with hope (trust) and faith, tomorrow is guaranteed better. My Opinion (based on experience of 80 years?!