Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, July 19, 2013



Light which burst forth--
unable to hold you in my hands
nor learn of you in my mind,
yet this soul seeks, desires

Brightness surrounding! 
Why do I not see it?
Two weeks of work,
where is knowledge?

Empty my head is what you said
I've been trying hard ever since.
Even so, nothing of worth 
has yet entered herein.

What you say to me?

"Well sir--your head is now
so full of empty...
even light cannot find 
space to live."



  1. smiles...so let a little empty out brother....ha....i dont know that we will ever truly understand all this life has to offer...if only we could hold light...i do know we can pass it along even though we can not hold it....

    as you do, most every day...smiles.

    1. Brian, my Friend! So far as "truly understanding" anything, I believe it is impossible. I like to say I "know" that when I die, my soul goes to heaven, my body goes in the ground....OK....
      but where do I go?

      So back to emptying!

  2. so full of empty.....smiles... i'm not good with meditation.. i even prefer listening to the bible while i walk or bike than just sitting quiet and reading.... hey i love that he connects to us in so many different ways...just think that he wasn't in that whisper but in the storm...smiles

    1. AGREE! As many ways to connect
      as there are sands in the seas,
      or grass blades on mountain slopes...
      Listening to whistling trees
      or reading words of many popes

      All above will bear His messages
      to us--believing, or not.

      Hey, I LOVE to meditate--still practicing (forever!). It brings me closer to the Universe, rather puts me IN it.

      (I see you just dropped one on us...maybe I can beat Brian? (sigh!)

  3. Two weeks of work,
    where is knowledge?

    Hope you are not getting deaf or blind or something... as long as there is light and you perceive it, there is life
    This is a very sad yet amazing poem, Steve.

    Love and Peace

    1. Hi Dulse. Glad to report I see and hear better than EVER...what did you say? --grin!

      Post was about deep stuff like "enlightenment"...but better to live simply: mow grass, teach violin (I have a student!! and he's doing marvelously!) ride bike everywhere and anywhere. "www." still means What a Wonderful World!

      Yup, there is light and life and peace and love, everywhere and always.

  4. Full of ... full .. I know ...

    1. Now WHY did this make me laugh out loud?
      Guess b/c your 5-word comment capsulized
      a chapter! Wish I could do that:
      "Full of...full..." and I fully understand!

  5. Steve, may the light be with you.
    Good writing, sir!

    1. Thank you for so nice comment.
      NOTE: I took a 6-week course on Buddha couple years ago. That's like learning to play violin in a half-hour...CAN'T BE DONE!!! HA!
      Glad you dropped by, Margie.

  6. You might have half drained yourself.

    One half is still full of emptiness.Another half is empty of fullness.

  7. Hey, that's pretty good cyphering!
    Thank you, Mr Einstein. :-)

  8. brain is a messy place ..
    too complex to construe. One moment you are empty, at other you are overflowing :P

  9. Jyoti, I like your thinking here.
    Brain is complex, like God
    Who is either Nothing...or everything.
    Thanks for weighing in.

    1. But maybe God is NOT complex. Maybe She/He is simple PERFECT LOVE--of which we have no knowledge.

    2. we can think that way too :P
      and I like this.. as saying goes Love conquers all :)

    3. Might consider that "love conquers all" b/c Love IS All....
      Thanks, Jyoti

  10. Great image Steve and a great thought provoking post also.

  11. Let be.
    We create the space to appreciate when we stop looking for things to amuse us.

    1. OK...but thngs to amuse are everywhere: birds singing from a tall oak, smells of pastures, cattle, a skunk, so amusing--seriously.

      My amusement is fairly constant and that's why life seems so good. Each day I am anxious to see the unfolding, who to meet, what to experience, who to counsel. Hey, dammmmit, I wrote a post here, and comment is even more lengthy!