Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, January 16, 2012


Yes, we have heard the following story before, but it contains a moral of which I was not aware. Label me “slow learner”--that is not an excuse...it is truth.


Pilot announced that a sputtering engine would soon cease to operate. Passengers were a Senator, a Bishop and a boy scout. There were but three parachutes on board. The pilot, grabbing one parachute, bailed out. The others would have to decide which of them would be saved.

Senator said, “There are only two parachutes left. Because I am necessary to the country, I should have a parachute. The two of you will have to decide who lives and who dies.” Immediately he grabbed one and jumped.

Bishop looked at the young Boy Scout and said, “Son, I have lived a long life. I think it fitting that you should have the remaining parachute. I am ready to die.”

That won't be necessary, Bishop, said the Boy Scout. There are two parachutes here. Senator just jumped out with my knapsack.”

Cleverness sometimes leaves no room for awareness.....

--Above is taken from Anthony De Mello  AWARENESS #232 (Edited)


Sometimes I've sat in an AA meeting trying to think of something entertaining to say, interesting, funny maybe—truly clever! In so doing, I became totally unaware what was being said, something I might have needed to hear. (Because I firmly believe God talks to me through the Peeps...if I LISTEN!)

And so this natural Ego-driven cleverness of mine (in all  blocks me from that spiritual sunlight of the 'unknowing'--which I must have to stay out of the darkness of knowledge. Yup, I read that over again, and it made sense to me—grin!

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  1. i don't necessarily think that one excludes the other...but it can if we're not careful...love the parachute story and don't feel sorry at all for the senator..ha... and i like that god speaks to us through people..like you for example..smiles

  2. ah nice moral of your own...our cleverness can get in the way and our knowledge for sure...

    now how many elected officials do you think we can get on the next plane...hmmm...smiles.

  3. How easy it is to become so focused on our own next pithy comment and miss a gem spoken by somone else. We're all guilty of it at one time or another. And there are people who consistently do it. You can see it on their faces. It takes effort to "attend," doesn't it?

  4. LOL on the story about the airplane. How very true for so many of those egotistical politicians. They have invaded here and I will be glad when next Saturday is over and they take the freak show somewhere else.

  5. oh man my friend, I can sure relate to your post... thinking of somthing profound to share in a meeting.. lol that's me sometimes!

    I LOVE the joke lol!

  6. My 2cents? I gave up even trying to be witty a LOONGG time ago!!!

  7. Been there, done that, many times.
    Not only to e funny, but to win a debate with my clever argumentation.
    Only to too late discover that I behaved like a steam roller.

    It took me quite some time to discover the faces in the painting here today. I was so busy thinking about my comments.
    Sad, but I do think there's hope for me anyway. I did detect the faces in the end.

  8. I often feel I've lost my husband's attention because he's quit listening and is forming his answer already. I work hard at keeping my mind and ears open so that I might hear God when he whispers to me in someone else's voice.
    You are a very insightful person, Steve.

  9. I love this peep because it says something about myself as well.

  10. LOL to what Syd said.

  11. That happens to me more often than I care to admit. Usually it's at my home group's pitch meeting and I find when I'm really thinking hard about it, I don't get called on.

    God is in that too. :)

  12. CLAUDIA!
    Yup! I thought the Senator would take TWO chutes—in case one failed. He might have fared better! Thanks, Claudia!

    All we need say is “A Junket to Bali Hai”, and the plane would fill up. NOTE: Junket = “Fact-Finding Commission”

    Yesss, Patti! Participation suggests willingness, focus, effort.

    Politics must be a very difficult profession. But SOMEBODY'S gotta do it. I guess politicians are the only ones willing to take those risks, decide where to spend our money. Poor Babies!

    Agree with you...I have not yet met one perfect alcoholic I believe they're hiding among us—grin!!

    IZZY!Guess SOME Peeps just are not very witty? (Just HAD to write that!!!) And I'm LAUGHING LOL!!!

  13. FELISOL!
    Do you mean to tel me there were FACES in that painting?--grin!!!!
    Hey Girl, there is always hope for all of us. ALWAYS. That is a reality, my opinion, of course! PEACE!

    You remind me that only when I am silent...listening, is when I can hear clearly God's whisper. Even if it is a Peep with a human voice bringing the message. Thank you!

    Yeah, I don't know that anyone can completely escape “the wandering mind”. Together we'll keep getting better, friend!

    You mean to say that you, Peep, are also thinking that congress is more flaky than usual this year. I excpect them to be wearing powdered wigs again one day. Hmmmm! Revolting it IS! In fact, disgusting overall...don't get me started. (Calm down, Steve!) .

    In blogs I am often simply reminding myself!...And if others become reminded, so much for the better.
    PEACE, Oceangirl!

    Yup, I remember, God inserts Himself everywhere! We (you and I) must just quit worrying what we're going to say, and maybe it will be a 'learning' experience for us! Thank for reading and commenting here, Jeremy. Guess we are not unique, after all—grin!!!!

  14. Well, most definitely this story has a great lesson hidden in it.
    But, i still found your example- the personal example of missing out on hearin something that might have been important- much better.

    and, I am reminded of your 'Silence' post ---the New Year's Eve Post. Maybe we miss out some really important things that Silence could have told us while we were busy listening to/makin/thinking of that which is nothing but noise.