Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, January 28, 2012



Had accident on my scooter, 11 AM last Tuesday. Rather than delve into all the aspects, I'll just say it is very lonely lying on the asphalt—under a scooter--in the intersection of a busy US 6-lane highway, and Central Avenue in Naples. Sirens, backed up traffic, horns, two cars damaged, two drivers taken to hospital. And at fault is me! No, I did not cry, Peeps—grin!

The Chris and Veronica story

First Peeps--really 'Angels'--to come out to help me, Veronica and Chris. One brought wet towels to clean up my face and arms, another brought out bag of ice for my head. They helped me to stand. They spoke kind, encouraging words.

One of the twenty-something girls said they had seen me at Meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous. Another angel, a scooter guy--also an AA-Peep!--showed up, The three of them picked up my quarter-ton bike. We all walked it to safety.

This all happened in front of a busy Starbucks. V brought out a Vente coffee (to replace the blood loss—kidding, Peeps!!!).

OK there's more: the girls stayed with me for hour and a half—young girls normally have nothing else to do in a beautiful, sunny 'city-on-the-beach' at 11 AM...right? They gave their version of the accident to police and offered themselves as witnesses in case that would be necessary. Also, V (in tears) felt so sorry for me and my fine, she tried to thrust a $100 bill on me. UNBELIEVABLE!

The shakes are gone. I am fine! All that's left is the cleanup. Thank God for helmets, shoes, and gloves...and Angels!

A 12th Step Story

In Alcoholics Anonymous, our 12th Step is partly devoted to helping others. Peeps assume that means helping others stay sober, and help them follow the program of living. Which id true.

Also true, we eventually learn to carry our message of happy life out into the world of everyday life. OK!

The Peeps who helped me had no other reason or agenda, than to be of service to another human. They practiced their program. And I was a recipient! What a thrill—also a learning experience, for me. I just 'let others' do what was difficult for me during those moments.

I got to witness AA 'working' in that wonderful way, when Peeps are willing to just put one foot in front of the other—and don't trip!--and get God's job done, in a cooperative human effort.

It was another in ongoing Spiritual Experiences for me! My gratitude again is for others who help their fellows, and for the God within each of us. In every web address, example: (http://www)...the 'www' stands for “What a Wonderful World”. Now that I've exposed the secret, it will probably become 'xxx'--grin!

Love and PEACE!


Image of roses above were a 2011 Christmas gift-post from my Muslim friend, Izdiher (Pakistan). Thank you, Pak-Girl! I wanted something beautiful and cheerful, to head this post concerning my scooter accident.



    ENOUGH! That should be the last time you will ride a motorcycle. Listen to me. I am a former ER trauma nurse. Between the motorcycle driver and the concrete, the concrete always wins. So say goodbye to the motorcycle and say hello to life.

    Thank God, you are alive.

    Please take care.

  2. I absolutely agree with Cess... Man, it's high time you enjoy the bus and forget about riding--- we don't want to lose you, Steve.
    Yes the angels were there. Will they be there again next time? And you'd say 'there are angels evrywhere'- and I'd say ' yes, some come to take you with them!

    Sorry- you are a free man- do what you like!


  3. omg steve...i am glad that you are ok and that they were there to help when it happened...what a day huh...

  4. OH my, Steve! I'm so very sorry to hear about this horrible incident. It sounds like you're okay, but still... what a mortifying experience. One always wonders what might have happened. Thank God for your angels... yes... they do always come at just the right moment.

    I hope you are resting yourself and not doing too much. I wish you a warm recovery and more angels watching over you.

    Take care and... man... you have some unshakeable positive attitude, Steve! I am ever humbled and floored by it!

    *Big smiles*


  5. I'm very thankful you're okay, let me say that first. I'm always amazed at God's hand in tragedy. It's always there if people will just look. What a gift for you and for all those who helped. Yes, Steve, there are angels.

  6. Take care of yourself.

    I am not gonna say stop biking because I know you will not.

    Just take care.

  7. So, so sorry to read about your accident, but very happy that humanity exists in at least some people out there! It's always inspiring to know that there are helpful and caring people out there.

    Stay blessed!

  8. It would really stink if you rode your motorcycle and you were not able to write this. That would absolutely suck. Sigh. Can you just drive a convertible instead?

  9. Am I the only one on this feed that thinks that you would rather go out in a blaze of glory than give up your beloved scooter? I know what that bike has done for you. You LOVE it. If and when you should get back on, please be careful. Duh ;-)

  10. Oh what a lovely bouquet. I am glad to hear you are okay and the wonderful people that came to help. And I enjoyed your sharing of your meeting too. Life is wonderful no matter how you look at it.

  11. Steve...first...thank GOD you are alive!!! And two....get rid of that scooter. I have one, and it's broken....I 'broke' it one month after getting it. Realized how dangerous it was when I was almost plowed down by a Xfinity truck.

    This is a beautiful story that goes straight to the heart. Those people that stopped, aided you and tried to comfort you....Angels, indeed.

    But you are a Devil!! Get off that scooter, concrete always wins, and you got lucky this time.

    Love you dearly and want to see you around for at least a few more years.

    Lady Nyo

  12. Ah dear Steve...

    So glad you asked me to read your accident post. I am so grateful you are alive and well and have such a positive attitude about it all. And, you were rescued by your AA "peeps". What a blessing..and some were cuties, too..and offering you money! My, you are blessed,..and a blessing!!

    hugs and love to you!!


  13. O my God! Steve I hope the injuries were minor and you are fine now....
    Truly Angels- Veronica and Chris!
    Living the AA program - the REAL way!

  14. Steve- I'm so sorry to hear about your accident, but God was watching out for you with those angels. Take it easy!

  15. It is great to have so many angels around.

    Then I would not feel sorry to hear about your accident.



    That is NO way to meet girls!

    Thank God for protective gear and angel. Oh my goodness, I shudder to think what might have been. I'm glad you are here to tell the tale. Mighty glad.

    Please be careful!

  17. I've been so disconnected from the blog and facebook social network world that I did not know until shawn made a comment to me last night about your accident.

    I hope you are recovering well and I'm sending up prayers of thanksgiving for your angels and to God for allowing you to transition through the bump in the road...

    God be with you in your continued travels my friend!

  18. oh my, my friend, i bet you have been oh so sore! i read this the other day but did not comment as i had no time...then i pondered it for awhile as life is such a thread, isn't it...but to be honest, i would never say to stop riding something that brings you such great joy...tho a convertible might be a little safer! i had one i adored and have kicked myself for selling her. sigh...

    stay safe, my kind friend, whether it be on-bike, sans-bike or otherwise and thank the universe and all there is for angels among us. xoxx

  19. Steve, I'm glad that you are okay. That sounds like it could have been really serious. Take care of yourself, man. Glad that the AA's were there to help you.

  20. Why I have never ridden a bike before in my whole 25 years of life..


    I assume that the head's doing just fine because after this post, you're still on with more awesome posts.


    Take Care man..