Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, December 23, 2011

"Them" and "me"-ONE AND SAME!


Ya know, sometimes during these holidays I get really lost in being happy and expressing good wishes to those who are also busily being happy.

I tend to forget those who are still out there--some even in HERE!-- who are unhappy, who cannot shake their past, or whose present lives are in chaos, or who are just so depressed that there seems no way out! And for them  I
also pray. I know them well.
After all--'them' WERE

Love Them!
This is a re-post from Dec 26, 2008 in steveroni.blogspot


  1. This is so thoughtful of you ,Steve Jan.Sure we should remember them.
    God bless you ,

  2. Ah Steve, my drearest friend. Thank you for making my year happy. Thank you for your kindness and best wishes. Thank you for your visits, your support and encouragement. Thank you for loving my art, it makes me happy to hear they make you happy. You have been most kind to me and I appreciate you extending your caring to my family and friends.

    May the coming year be healthy, happy, blessed and prosperous.

    You are a good man Mr. Steve.

    Thank you for sharing.


  3. Love this, so sweet. Steve, I wish you happy holidays and peace always.

  4. smiles...thank you for keeping us focused...i hope you have a beautiful christmas...much love brother

  5. dearest steve, this post brought tears to my eyes...it is so true. have the warmest of holidays my friend, surrounded by the love of those you hold most dear. xoxo

  6. Have a good Christmas, Steve. I wish some semblance of peace for all this night.

  7. Your speak about the truth in here my friend, and your prayer is sincere, I can feel it... we all struggle at least we are hand in hand to recover... I am happy to know about you and your blog, your newest follower here :)

  8. i just can't imagine that you really forget those steve...maybe for 2 or 3 minutes...but i think you always see them and know about them...this is what i like about you - wishing you a peaceful christmas time..

  9. Sadly there are many who have neither family, friends or warmth.
    We are blessed to have any of all of those things
    I am grateful for your friendship Steve
    Love Leslie

  10. Yes, every second changes for the better occur.
    Like Christmas gifts we only have to open our hands and hearts to receive.
    What a wonderful poem,
    "Before and after."
    One way or the other we are all "them"; the orphans, the drunkards, the forgotten elderlies,the beaten wives, the scared soldiers.
    Christmas grips us by the heart, because a tiny child in a stable was given us for help and salvation.
    Poor night guards got to hear the greatest concert ever held. Angels singing about peace on earth.
    The story's so unbelievable fantastic, no man's imagination could invent it.
    It's gotta be true.


  11. only today i was thinking of how we are so likes protons and electrons . . . Atoms, charges, energy and stuff . . .

    Thanks for the prayer . . :) i will pass on this prayer to other 'ME's :)