Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Day--Another Year

Ah! Another New Year's Eve...
then, 2012

It is a time for day-long Gratitude--
for the little things 
which are in reality  B I G  things.  

And for the big things, 
which tomorrow may appear as trivialities. 

First, I am grateful to the 
Creator of the Universe
for that Gift of Life
for all of Nature
and you and me...

Equally am I grateful to all
you Peeps who God uses
to speak to the rest of us...and me.

I've learned that no matter how far my mind wanders as I am praying, to not feel guilty, or that my praying is useless. Only God is capable of judging my prayer--or yours. So let us pray.

I've learned that:

"Every word, every image
used for God is a distortion
more than a description."

"Then how does one speak of God?"

"Through Silence."

"Why, then, do you speak in words?"

At that, the Master
laughed uproariously.
He said, "When I speak, you
mustn't listen to the words, my dear.
Listen to the Silence." 

I have learned that we in recovery 
must read our Big Book, 
and study the Steps, yes.

But more than that, to 'stay' sober:
I must DO the Steps, practice them,
and DO what I read in the Big Book!

My wish: that all who participate in 
these blogs in 2012, be 
as blessed by them as I.



  1. Beautiful and meaningful thoughts ~

    Happy New Year to you ~

    Cheers ~

  2. listen to the silence is a good advice... thankful for people like you as well steven...hope you're having a wonderful start into the new year!!!

  3. God bless you too, my dear Steve.

    You've chosen such beautiful pieces to infer gratitude.

    If you have a minute. please stop by at Laura X's blog:


    so you can read some other pieces of gratitude (mine included) :-)

    Happy New Year, Sweet Man.

  4. I'm blessed to have met you and Prayer Girl.

    See you on the other side of this year :-)

  5. Happy New Year Steve, from the UK.

  6. I wish you and yours happiness in the new year and always!!!!!!!

  7. i wish you all the blessing in the new year my friend...that you hear that voice calling to you in the silence...smiles...happy new year!

  8. happy new year.

    may all of your wishes coming true.

  9. Happy New Year, Steve. See you soon!

  10. My "scentiments" exactly! You are a gift, sir.

  11. Wishing you the best in 2012, Steve. Thanks for all that you share.

  12. I thought I have to speak out in order to be heard.

    So I talk loudly to my God,

    "Happy New Year to everyone."

  13. Wishing all the best the year has to offer to you and yours, Steve. I have to say I love the quote about listening to the silence. It is very much how I like to do things. Silence is a divinity, and there is much to learn from it.

    Happy 2012 to you... and may joy and blessings accompany you!

    Nevine :-)

  14. HEAVEN!
    Glad you came along, with your good wishes, comments.

    This past year has been good for me, as I believe for you, too. I can 'read' it in your lovely poems, posts. Thanks

    Did go to Laura X blog, she has been working a great idea unto fruition. Thank you for your (always) kind words.

    Almost on “the other side” Is it called also “the Flip Side”?--grin! We'll be in touch, girl! Still have to help you on that Grand Opening. (Ye Olde Coffee Shoppe—remember?!!!) Prayer Girl says “Hello, and etc.”!

    I was hoping you'd show up! Thank you for coming by.

    For you also, Dear Peep! Happiness always!
    And PEACE!

    Yesss. The silence. You “got it” Bro—I mean, Bri—grin!

    You've a lot of Peeps to follow, for being a fairly new blog—ya musta been blogging before. Yes? Like your poetry.

  15. NEVINE!

    Did my heart good, nevine, to see your Avatar in my comment area. And your thought: “Silence is a divinity..” Yup. I can fill a page with rather meaningless words. But only listen to my heartbeat after all those words have evaporated. Thank you so much for being here!

    For you, maybe so. For me, it seems the more loudly I talk, the less is heard, and if I yell...NOBODY listens—grin! This I know: in music, often the most important sound is that produced by the silence during the 'rests'...
    PEACE! To you, man!

    Hey I've been missing your writings, girl. I'll be there shortly. Thanks for the thoughts...and that heart! (How do you DO that?--grin!)

    The best of life for you, my Friend—this year, and those to follow!

    May your boat always float, on a sea so calm...but not TOO calm! We all need that breeze which frees—and opens the sails! Good wishes for you, Sir! Happy retirement!

    L O V E your poem dedicated to daughter! And...yup! After every storm follows an inner calmness. It must be the way things have been planned? You writings are an inspiration. I am glad you came here and commented.

    YOU really have me flustered, every day, looking around to see if any stranger-Peeps are lurking. At any rate, thanks for coming in here and leaving a comment...!

  16. YAY Gratitude! YAY New Year! Yay God!!! :)

  17. Silence . . . I will take that as a lesson for '12.
    Silence also gives us the power to choose, to decide . . . to assume, to guess, to accept, to reject . . .
    God's silence :)
    and everybody else's too, silence is powerful . .

    This post reminded me of a Ricky Martin album. . I dont like the songs . . Dont even understand the meaning. But i love the name, it is 'Almas del silencio' (i think) translatin to 'Souls of Silence' . . . I think the language is Spanish, i aint sure.

    I so liked the silence quote :) :) inshaAllah, will try to listen to silence and speak silence much thru the years.

  18. The sound of silence is calming and enlightening.

    The awareness of walking, one step at a time.
    Seizing the golden moments.

    Yeah, I wish for inner peace for all of us.
    Now and always.