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Then it took away the sky....

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Starry Nights - Mag 234

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Starry Night by Alex Ruiz

Artist, in field 
stood, as if affixed.
About to devote, yield
himself to posterity. 

So alone, he mused...

Forever it seemed, I
lived in reality
only to at last "see"--
and this night--
faced the Universe...


Great circles of reality
lived always nowhere else...
but within my soul, my self. 

While I'd been looking out,
yes, apart, away from--
Now I am a part OF 
all which ever created.

This scene I MUST show
to my brother Theo,
(named for "God" Who lives.)

("But HOW?"
 "Paint, man! PAINT!")

In manner described as Starry Night--
He oil-spread circularity Eternity,
ALL being such colorful ONE.

Beauty Unbelievable
for you and me akin
for truth within.



  1. Wow, you've outdone yourself here. Touched on the emotions, the soul, the being...

  2. when we finally come face to face with...and can see that truth...its a beautiful thing, now isnt it brother? van gogh was certainly touched...to produce what he did...a bit of perhaps the magic od creation

  3. Steve,

    I think you have found beauty this is my new favorite of yours..it speaks with such depth I had to read it a couple of times as it touched my soul. Thank you for that..

  4. A heartfelt tribute to the great artist...wonderfully done......

  5. Wonderful, thought provoking post Steve!

  6. Alas, the Starry Night was viewed and painted through an asylum window enclosed by iron bars. :(

  7. Beautiful truth within....this is an amazing write Steve.

  8. I do believe you caught the absolute essence! His first strokes already started in his reflection.... For this artist, I just know this is in truth a delightful magpie.

  9. Such a beautiful night you have painted Steve ~ The beauty and gift of nature is all around us ~ Wishing you a wonderful week ~

  10. steve - when i was in paris a few months ago i stood before this painting by van gogh - starry night - it is spell-binding - i couldn't take my eyes off it... actually i wanted to walk into it and just stay there... van gogh once said that for him the night has more color than the day... and after seeing that painting i knew what he meant... a bit of eternity for us to taste maybe...

  11. Beautiful thoughts, beautifully expressed...

  12. Well done indeed..thanks for sharing

  13. Your words complimented the picture perfectly, encompassing the beauty of the universe :-)

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Nice Mag. Love and Light, S

  15. I like that you included Theo...nice write Steve...

  16. Saw those stars like diamonds across the skies while on the boat. Beautiful.

  17. You are a poet and an artist

  18. God .... This is so amazing ..... a bliss, a magic ... Loved it like anything!!!