Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, August 8, 2014



Fly little bird,
Fly with the wind.
(Quoted) "if you don't,
you have sinned."

Wind is the law
And the law is just...
So...as winds blow
Must you also go?

Fly on silver wing,
and one fine day in
powder-blue sky, 
when other you meet, 
together you'll sing! 

Fly sweet birds, where
Winds have not chose--
Then as you oppose,
Have you surely sinned?

INTO the wind, YES! 
Fly if you must
Because you truly,
Completely trust...

At last overcome by
Wonderful wonders of love.
Cavort on the beaches,
But one time gaze above

At white dove.
Which will be...

rev. 8/9/2014


  1. Oh Steve, words come easily to you. You have prose and style and you weave your magic with every rhyme, line and verse. You are truly gifted and I read that people who write poetry did not get Alzheimer's compared to those who do not write.

  2. This was a study on nuns living in a monastery.

  3. Fly little bird,
    Little bird flies,
    Only fish swims
    Don't think of that

  4. HAHA, Ces, I just clicked on your blog "About" and saw "me" as that big egg-violinist with a piano keyboard wrapped around his belt... I love that you did that while "squiggling" the "Egg" series. To be part of something you create is a special honor--you should KNOW that, but prob don't think of it that way.I've said before--you have the mind of a Beethoven--TRUE!

  5. To Do List: 1. Learn to fly 2. Fly away

    1. Shadow, wherever I fly...I am still there.
      Wherever I go, help is there.
      All I need do is ask.
      Took me years to come to
      "God, please help me. I cannot do this alone...."
      (But I think you know all this--grin!)
      Blessings and PEACE in your soul!

  6. dang. the reason i cant fly is that i sin.
    so need to stop sinning. then fly.
    then fly to florida to see steve

  7. i would love to be able to fly... in my dreams i can sometimes... last night i danced and in the dancing started flying...smiles

    1. Wish I could dream...can only do that while awake now! Old Peeps sleep less, in fear they might "miss" something, therefore no "dream" times.

  8. I just came back from my Florida vacation and marveled at the birds & alligators, smiles ~ I specially enjoyed the birds along the Clearwater beach ~ I wish I can fly ~

  9. Preciosa composicion, poesia e imagen

    Muchos besos

  10. Fly fly and fly high ... very beautifully written :-)

  11. Fly, Jonathan ... and teach me ...

  12. Steveroni ... thanks ... beautiful poem ...
    I am currently on holiday in Greece and see the seagulls flying in the wind ... ...
    ... my thoughts fly with ...
    greetings from Cosima.

  13. COSEEEMA!!! Such long time since....Happy to "see" you, I will check out your place later today!
    Love. Same ole Steve!