Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


 Don D and Steve E with 
first Motor Scooter 1949
Photo by Norma (Mother!)

God sends me friends,
unseparated Parts of Himself
to share, to care,
(and I was told)
to be aware.

Human nuggets, pure gold,
not for shelf-keeping,
dusting, burnishing
now, then, and when...
Precious souls!

Friends, God's bestowal,
carefully held in my heart
cherished, loved,
more, more, and more.

...as slowly older I grow

August 2014


  1. Friends are precious! you have some genuine truths here!

  2. I shared your tribute to friendship on twitter. Human nuggets, pure gold. Yes, friends are.

  3. smiles...it is beautiful when we have those friends...they are gifts...
    little parts of god...i like how you put that...
    they add such depth to our lives.

  4. Oh ... how nostalgic, Steve ...... a lovely poem about relations to go with it .... I too long for such precious friends .... they're indeed one treasure to cherish till the end ... Smiles!

  5. Friends surely are the gifts of God ... brilliantly depicted.

  6. What a great psot and a true testament to the spirit of friendship Steve.

  7. Friends. 'Family' we choose instead of given...

  8. Friends they really are a treasure and bring so much into our lives.

  9. Friends become more precious when we get older ~ Good to read you Steve ~ Take care ~

  10. Dear Steve E, You are indeed a faithful friend yourself. All your AA work is about how human relations can help and support those who thought themselves lost. you know more about this than I do, but I had an uncle working his heart and flesh out for his boys. One of the men I love the most. And you were there to pick me up after being lost for the blogworld for more than a year. Bloggers are true friends, I've kept in contact with about a dozen on my involuntaily retreat. I don't know if I'm back for a long time, but it sure was good to be hearing from you.

    1. How can I NOT reply to you, Fel. So sweet words!
      Undeserved...but THANK YOU!
      Most posting soon--for both of us! Hmmmm?

  11. Friends ... they keep me here in order to look out for them and vice versa ...

  12. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

  13. I am back at your site to remind myself how good it is to change always for the better. Love and smiles :-) my dearest.

  14. Steve that Don Dolan on your Salisbery.
    Larry V

  15. So true about holding those friends in our memories. That's what keeps them alive for me.