Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, August 23, 2014


NOTE: The following are my thoughts and writing, pure 
and simple.  IN NO WAY do I speak or pretend to speak 

for the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Steve E.


Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
July 2, 3, 4, 5, 2015

"Why do night-lights 

shining like stars?
Maybe...'cause they are!"

June 10, 1935, a man named Bill waited for the other--his host--to return from a long day away.  
It was hot.  

Hoped Dr Bob's return wouldn't become a drunken scene.  
It did not.  

Earlier that morning in Akron Ohio, Dr Bob had his last final drink of alcohol, then went around town taking care of business.  

As time--and years--passed, this began to be recognized as the birthday of Alcoholics Anonymous.  So, we now "see" two men who--not long before, were helpless, hopeless alcoholics-- found that by helping each other, they could stay sober.  One thing true then...and true today, the only way they could live productive and happy lives, was to help another--others--by giving away the gift they'd received

They sought alcoholics ("Alkies") who had an honest desire to stay sober.  More years, amazing growth, a God-Spirit-inspired book (Alcoholics Anonymous) brought me (and you readers) here--now.

God willing, in July 2015, approximately 80,000 people will descend on Atlanta, Georgia from all the world.  AA is found in 170 of the nearly 200 independent countries around the globe.  On the final day, between 100-150 of those countries will be honored and represented by recovering alcoholics, carrying the flag of their homeland.  All across the stage they will proudly stand --and I will be there to take a selfie, with THAT background!! HA!

It'll BE Alcoholics Anonymous 80th Anniversary celebration! 
PEACE and LIGHT...and LOVE, all my friends.
Steve E


  1. Oh what a wonderful thing to celebrate. Congratulations Steve. Thank you for sharing this. :-)

  2. i cant wait to see your selfie brother man...
    and congrats not only for the organization
    and for the lives changed...but to you good sir

  3. Thank you Steve for the information and the celebration !! You're awesome !

  4. Congratulations, Steve . Good for you !

  5. Congrats, Steve ... and RIP, Robin ...

  6. Cool beans! glad you are planning to go!

  7. Amazing group but so down to earth.

  8. Great, Steve. I hope to go to that one.