Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, September 6, 2013

THE POWER OF "THEY" (almost)


(So WHAT!)

"Which way did they go?"
Who are they?
Just WHO do they think they are?
They may be those--or

My memories stem
from childhood days
They said
"Don't touch this", "don't do that"...
"he's just going through a faze".

They told me
"Don't swing cat 
by tail that way!"...they 
said to me, "Be Good BOY!"
I mumbled someting like "joy..joy"

They always said to me,
"Have FUN!!!"
as I left for work.

In fine restaurant,
it is they--who, upon being seated
enjoy most "stimulating" conversation:
The food they ate last night, last week...
maybe even last year!

THEIR question of the night
(after food has been served)

"What did YOU order, Junior?"

(mumble): none of your business.

Dinner chat:
Food they'll eat tomorrow, next week,
late-night TV, siestas,
daytime shade they seek
and--what a BUSY life-style they lead:
"T'is MY day to watch-for-the postman;
...we take turns..." they smilingly say.

"They" said this would be a stupid blog post.
Have to admit, sometimes they are RIGHT.
Which is reason I'll end this now.

WHAT? You say that
I may be "they"...or them?

I--and they--wish you PEACE and LIGHT


  1. haha...Don't touch this", "don't do that... sounds familiar...i have heard this quite often during childhood...smiles... BUT - i never tried to swing a cat by the tail - ha--- boys i say -- boys...smiles

    1. Think even kitty enjoyed it
      not sure
      didn't see him around the barn for four days after.....

  2. smiles....why we let they define our lives for us i am not sure....and you know i oft dont put much stock in what they say...unless i love them and understand their motivations in what they say...smiles.

  3. what will people say/ they/ them...
    destroyed so many pipe dreams. Sometimes They are friendly, but only sometimes :P

  4. Jo, you got the picture.
    Thanks for dropping in.

  5. This is not a stupid blog post!
    And I do understand, sometimes it's all too much!
    My dad always told me to be a "good girl"
    I was!

    Steve, I can see you being a stand-up comic as you have a wicked sense of humor :)

    1. My dad told me to
      "...be a good boy."
      I was not.

      HAHA! A comic! Margie, at my age it would be called a "sit-down comic"

  6. THEY so think they know me.

    They do not.

    Because me too.

  7. Yes, we do know you, Rainfield61.

  8. Looks like a good blog post to me as we try to figure out
    why they or them try to define our dreams and paths in life.
    Always, witty my friend and of course...

    Peace & Light..two of my favorite words..

  9. I thought they were strange, but then came to believe I was one of them, and my life has been better ever since. Xoxo Steveroni! :-)