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Monday, September 16, 2013

The feast of Nin

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On this, the Feast of Nin
sounds of battle-cry
overwhelming, stunning din
echoing from earth to sky

Squirting, sometimes gushing
sounds of blood rushing
as rivelets begin claiming their 
muddy-red little banks

"Vikings give none and take all,
our small garrisson about to fall,
Hide the women, hide children,
silver, gold, stone, from Vike-men.

"Under secret panel in church floor
is the very ideal place to store",
said the People of Scotch
who spoke in antiquated Thracian
(At least, in my imagination!)

None got away alive
in that year 13-75.

A non-historical account by


  1. Very non-historical indeed, Steve.
    But fun, I like a bit of blood and gore (always provided it’s imaginary).

    1. OK, but, Frico, I did a bit of research re the Isle, and changed a couple words, dates. But the Vikings did sack the place, yes. And treasure WAS buried, yes...in the weathered church building, which also became a cemetery.

      Thanks for commenting. And if I'm wrong in every aspect, let me know please!

  2. it is plausible for sure...
    makes me think of the viking show that was on the history channel last year
    it def presents them as a brutal people...i would not want to be captured
    that is for sure...

    tell your wonderful wife hi for me...smiles.

  3. I always loved history.
    Well told non-historical or not.

  4. Apparently, I wasn't the only one thinking of blood gushing today. :)

  5. Vikings give none and take all... they were def. dangerous fellows (sexy as well in a way-- ha--ok/ok--smiles) historical or not, it could've happened like that.. way too many battles fought throughout history..

  6. When I was little, my mumme made me steal a small gold coin ... and swallow it ... the whole family was watching my every ... ehem, move for the next 2 days ... last year my mumme, age 83, gave me a gold coin ...

    1. ...and sure, you returned it from where it had been stolen XX years before...HAHAHAHA!
      A GOOD one, ^.^

    2. ...and sure, you returned it from where it had been stolen XX years before...HAHAHAHA!
      A GOOD one, ^.^

  7. I would love to comment but I am married to a Scot and that dirk is fiendishly sharp....

  8. Well, this was not at all a happy tale. (LOL?)

  9. And I was so hoping the door in the floor was their salvation...always a treat to see you at Magpie, dear friend...

  10. Non-historical poetry is my favorite poetry!!! Very nice ....

    1. "Patially" historical...otherwise--who is to say. They WERE Vikings
      But i have a happy...that you liked it. Thanks!

  11. Frightening times captured vividly by your words.

  12. A myth is as good as a mile... LOL