Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, September 23, 2013

A LOVE-LIFE in dVerse Pub

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before, during, after fame
does not love-its flame
continue the burning
 never adjourning?

loved by an artist who
travels every place
the world over,
dancing on her toe


oh! I miss her face
God, I miss her so...
not secret our love,
neither was for show


two beautiful trees
grew side-by-side
roots entangled
but never tied

and so

we met--before fame.
even during, next,
shall not the flame
continue its burn?
truest of loves
have no adjourn...

now this

we shall meet, and greet
on street or shore...
"Merely this, and
nothing more."

(Sep 2013)


  1. Replies
    1. HA! I looked up "poignant" to make sure...THANKS!

    2. Sorry you had to look up the word, Steve. I really DID like your poem. Smiles.

  2. I must tell you I really enjoyed this poem, Steve;
    I especially like these words ...
    *truest of loves
    have no adjourn*

  3. smiles...is to meet them not enough? luckily i won my ballerina...and occassionally i can still convince her to dance for me....but if not, was to know them only briefly enough...perhaps...i understand that love....smiles.

  4. smiles....sometimes that's just enough.. and who knows how it would've turned out if there had been more.. i like the growing side by side..

  5. I like the depth of thought and emotion I can find in every poems.

  6. ... looking back into one's past is only worth it, when one can smile about it ...

  7. Steve, I was so very touched by the truly kind words you left last night on my poems.
    You actually brought a 'few tears' but good tears.
    I had to come by and thank you, thank you so much, kind sir!

    Peace and joy be with you, always!


  8. First of all I love the Degas painting.. it really pulled you right into this story on how life never goes as one hopes. The meeting at the end especially touched me...

  9. lovely poem..loved 'roots entangled but never tied'..sad how that too often happens..never quite get the grasp on it..enjoyed the format to your poem..thanks for sharing

  10. Strong words, very in depth and a lot of visuals in your way of thinking.

    Bravo! my friend. :)

  11. A heartfelt composition. Good read.>KB

  12. I like the imagery of this:

    two beautiful trees
    grew side-by-side
    roots entangled
    but never tied

    Have a good week Steve ~

  13. Beautiful painting and beautiful words written with heart...

  14. Haunting, mournful, sad and above all, a wonderful read.

  15. Trees, root entangled,
    looking up, they are far apart
    at the top
    the older they are the further away

    We are trees.

    1. At top, they are thin (like us!), thus SEEM farther apart.
      Roots become more and more entwined, until
      barely there is any difference. One seemingly
      grows into other...We are trees. Roots are the soul.