Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


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Pixel People Perfection


Ambulances flying,
then--cannot move .
People dying
roadways blocked

Symphony of cacophonies
all directions. Beeping horns,
braking wheels. Squeals of 
injured--oh! the blood one sees.

Rain drops forming little craters 
in pools of paling redness...
under cycle sitting marbleized,
waiting. Waiting, watching.

Wishing to be mobilized, 
to seek an overpass for
shelter. Stuck in the mud, 
no, stuck in the blood. 

Everywhere, stinky, sticky,
gooey--WAIT! That's MINE!
My life juice, mingling with
Rain water--Earth's life-juice.
What the fuck...

Bike tire looks pink. Maybe
angel wings? I think

one of those dying--is me.
Voices everywhere:  

"Slippery street. 
Poor fella  couldn't stop,
just slid under that truck.
Cover him with your umbrella."

"My window was open,
his last word I heard--
He simply said....
"What the fuck!"
And then I saw this 
big smile on his face."


Trying to recall an accident scene in which the biker died only several yards from me. Mingling that with story of my own accident 1½ years ago. NoFunAtAll...


  1. oh heck...this gave me shivers steve.. biker accidents are terrible...a friend of mine is paraplegic since he had one - you're just always in the weaker position even if you're driving very careful... stay safe on the road friend..

  2. whew...a wreck is intense stuff man...have worked a few in my day...and pulled a few bodies out as well...grisly stuff...glad you walked away..wish they all could...bike wrecks can be brutal....

  3. the pic in the beginning is amazing..

    accidents gives me shakes.. situation worsened by traffic n human follies :(

  4. Oh, Steve, this is a painful read. To witness someone die as you witnessed the biker die or to be seriously injured in an accident oneself must be awful. You made the scene come alive. Someone sliding under a truck....yikes...motorcycles scare me. I really can see the parallels between your write and mine, Steve. The accident theme. Yours definitely is more vivid!

  5. Terrible- lost way too many family and friends to scenes like this! Great job writing it out- love the picture too!

  6. hello dear steve,
    i wandered to my long lost google reader to find you here again. so nice to see you, kind friend. xox

  7. Hope your summer is going as you would like! Mine seems far too busy- : ^ )

  8. @ Izzy...too busy is what keeps me sane...actually, HAPPY. Sometimes I find it difficult to believe how "being busy"--in a helpful way--is a solution to so many of what would otherwise be PROBLEMS.
    Live on
    Live well
    L I V E !!!!

    Oh, mowing grass also helps It's a two-day undertaking for me:
    ONE day to cut, carry, pull chop, and pull, and MOW.
    Second day...to recuperate (physically!) LOL!

  9. Wrecks so brutal, happy and grateful you walked away. You made me feel like I was there watching. By the way you made my day again, such a generous comment and wonderful sentiments. I am happy Andrea made it :) peace and love to you.

  10. just thought i'd stop by and wishing you a happy saturday...smiles

  11. ughhh, you captured it well, too well. to the point that I can see the blood mixed in the rain.