Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


If a get a minute, slip on over to dVerse Poets Pub and see what's going on--it's OLN (Open Line Night) # 98.



swish swash
flosh, slosh
splash and 
sounds of SHHH-SHHH-SHHH!
slippery slope
round'nRound, back, forth
and again.....
too much soap!

Whirring, whirling
pocket full of bits (two at a time)
insert one at a time
heating. hot.
more, more coffee!
laundry-peep i'm not.
now one o'clock, 
to the dot.

la quinta, la quinta
i sing your song
soon be asleep...
all morning long.


a memorable weekend in virginia with poet extraordinaire brian, his wife, two sons, and prayer girl--i'm recalling now with fresh, clear mind, sitting in a motel laundry on 2nd floor...i do believe they tried to kill me!  

walking, hiking a "quarter mile"--which became nearly 3 miles?-- urging me to chase a momma duck and her babies, or roll down a steep, grassy mountainside (didn't do it!) freezing (64 deg. one evening)? "forcing" me to eat shovelfuls of gourmet burgers, poor dead chicken (cooked!), Italian sausages in a bed of angelic (ACHOO!) hair, and other epicurean delights, i managed to add 5 pounds to my avoirdupois.

a most fortunate man i am to have spent truly scintillating few days as house guest of the nicest hostess, host and entertaining, well-mannered young boys. 

two years back-to-back, they've allowed me to invade their happy nesting place. will they never learn? hmmm? I HOPE NOT! Thank you, Brian Family! It is an honor to know you all--or, as your wife might say, "y'all?"

Steve E
may 2013


  1. smiles....thank you sir for another great weekend...you are always welcome in our nest...ha...a quarter mile...smiles....just keeping your joints well greased you know...smiles...i mean for someone who turned 80 you dont seem a day over 40...hope the rest of your travels go well...

  2. Steve! It just occurred to me. One should read your poems in rap. Those high school girls reading poetry in rap were something else. I did not understand some of the words but reading yours would probably be different because it is in English. Glad to hear you had a wonderful visit with a friend. And hope your bday celebration was wonderful.

  3. what a lovely rhythm and rhyme!

  4. Hi Steve~I'm just a couple of months into being in this great dVerse Poets community. I just read Brian's introduction on OLN and must do what I did for him. I'd like to sing to you. "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear poet Steve, Happy Birthday to you." What a fun poem you have shared with us today and what a story of your 'Memorable' Memorial stay with Brian. I am so glad they didn't kill you with the rouse of the 'quarter mile' hike. Thank goodness your in good enough shape to do it-which I know Brian must have known or he wouldn't have led you astray. LOL Thanks for sharing on OLN and it is great to make your acquaintance on dVerse Poets OLN. I will be posting in about an hour and will pull up a stool at the pub and chat with you more...

  5. There are so many places I'd rather be at that time than doing laundry - sleeping would be favourite. Glad you had fun with Brian, and thanks for sharing a fun read.

  6. How fun that you got to spend time with Brian--I'm a bit jealous. And I love the shared reflection with you in the laundry room at laquinta inn. A familiar experience and great use of onomatopoeia.

  7. delightful! Happy Birthday!! ?? I am at a loss as I didn't read the intro for OLN this week

  8. So wonderful you got to spend time with Brian and his beautiful family. :) Peace and love to you :)

  9. this was fun... loved all the sound and i think i felt a splash

  10. This was fun. Glad you had a great weekend!

  11. The sounds added to the rhythm. Belated bdday wishes and wish you many more healthy ones with friends and family!

  12. True friendship is such a wonderful gift and can only be enjoyed when shared.

  13. Steve,

    This was fun to read and had a nice flow of rhythm that had me sort of singing. Nicely done.

  14. Glad you and Brian and all had such a good visit together. Enjoyed your noisy laundromat poem. :)

  15. ha smiles...the laundry machine can sing hypnotizing songs..reminds me of when i did coin laundry when i was in california for four weeks last autumn...and great to hear that you had a good time with mr. m and fam...smiles

  16. What a beauty. I loved the intro with all those onomatopoeias jumping at me. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  17. wow loved the rhyme and specially the feeling of associated sounds with it...

    n looks like you guys had loads of fun this weekend :)

  18. I had to come by and just tell you that you always make my day, thank you :) Peace and love to you.

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