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Monday, June 24, 2013


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THE BUCK STOPS HERE (by steveroni)


In 'days of olde',
petticoats, in fashion,
a skirt beneath the skirt.
Grandma sewed money into
hem of her underwear.

Two dollars--stitched, or not--
in year 1890 would buy dinner and a
cab ride home, tip included.

Intention was to "save" her from
an embarrassing date situation.
I "KNEW" my grandma, and would
wager everything--that she in her 18th year
might have preferred a few "dangerous" 
occasions over solo taxi trips home.

By 1960  $2  bought a bottle of
Liebfraumilch, with change left over.
I always knew (on visits to Cincinnati)
where I could find two bucks.
(Slip-sewed $2 became a lifelong habit
of Grandma's.)  If there were 2 petticoats
(slips) I bought TWO bottles.  However,
by then I was heavily involved with
muchas otras cosas...

These years since--searching for money--I've 

habitually (not obsessively!) examined female undergarments...never found a single cent.  Note...I do NOT miss the days of corsets, garter belts, stockings, and could well do without the skimpier items which--smaller than my handkerchief--are now so popular.
My one-word mantra: NAKED!

As a small child I was intrigued by women wearing corsets, garter belts, stockings, harness collars (now called "bras"!), and NO, I NEVER WORE ANY OF WOMEN'S STUFF.  OK? (Smiles!)

I DO remember having an "affinity" (love affair) once with this girl who heavily sedated herself with Coty's Emeraude perfume.  I used to douse a handkerchief with the stuff, and tuck it under my chin when playing violin in the symphony.  ("Inspiration" comes in various forms?)  A few of the musicians looked askance.  But then, as now, I did not give a Royal "F" about what people might have thought or said.

If anyone thought I was crazy (I am!), they only sat for a moment with "me" on their minds.  Because most people think--97% of the time--about THEMSELVES.  By internalizing that thought my paranoia was cured for all time.  What FREEDOM!

Think what $2 would buy today in USA? 
Maybe a 15-stick pack of Wrigley's Bubble Gum?  
I want some of that now. 
Where's Grandma when you need her?  
(Rest her blessed soul.)

Rambling, I notice, so it's time to go.  

See y'all next time.  
Love and PEACE!



  1. think i should start to sew money into my daughter's underwear...smiles...i find this a lovely idea of grandma.. and i love the part with the scented handkerchief... scents ARE inspiring and you know..i want a bubble gum as well one...wrigley's big red .. because of the cinnamon scent...brings back some memories as well...smiles

  2. $2 wont add up to much, that is for sure...not these days...trying to think where i could sew mine as i roll naked as well...hmmm....ha...interesting memories...i guess cell phones help these days and you dont have to find a phone in a pinch....

  3. There^ how about a pocket in a cell phone!? and 50$ would be my choice- : )

    1. Pocket-in-mobile...good place. The one thing EVERYBODY keeps by their side, some even sleep with!

  4. Ha, $2 will hardly buy a cup of coffee in some places. Wouldn't it be nice if it still DID buy a bottle of wine? That must have taken a lot of work for your grandmother to keep sewing bills in the hem of her underwear...only to have to remove it soon....unless she wore her underwear multiple days. Smiles. Indeed chewing gum would be a good use for $2 for sure today.

  5. coming to your blog afterr a really long time stevie... :) a really good one this piece is. ..

    2 USD.... mmmmmmm ..... might not buy much for you....but, will get me two square meals - here, in India... and if i go to a subsidised canteen- 6 meals :o

    And this is sad coz it shows how badly the rupee has fallen :(

    it's sadder to note that many (MANY) in the world live on less than 2 USD a day......

    and it's not data from 'back in the days'..... it's sadly the present state.. :(

  6. Steve, as you won't check back into my blog, I will comment here. I truly AM impressed that you met Rubenstein and played violin 9 - 12 feet from him. In fact, I am truly AWED!!! Thanks for your comment.

  7. I think this poem would awe your grandmother who would probably want you to not check out quite so many under wheres. She might ask you how much to sew into the hems today. $10 in quarters would keep her and you and lots of us from blowing away--at least until we buy the liter of wine. Maybe $50 for a cheap dinner, tip, and taxi would prevent movement altogether.

  8. Steve, this was funny and charming :)

  9. delightful timeline transcendence. enjoyable read

  10. What a wonderful idea to sew money in your underwear, and I love Claudia's comment up above.. But I guess that inflation both in terms of size of underwear and amount of money needed for a cab ride make this impossible... :-) Great piece Steve--

  11. What a lovely memory to share Steve ~ $ 2 today won't buy you wine but for a candy or chocolate, you have a sweet break ~ Smiles ~

  12. I just had dinner with a great uncle, he was telling me about days gone by. Sewing money into underwear is an interesting idea, although, as you noted, some of todays undergarments would not accommodate it. Fun read....

  13. Steve,

    This was great to read you certainly have a way with words and you say what you mean.I loved the perfumed handkerchief well, if it brought inspiration then it was well worth it. I had to laugh about the $2.00 I don't think we can buy much here anymore for two dollars unless you go to McDonald's and order from the dollar menu..(lol) seriously times have changed and keep changing. Thanks for the delightful read.

  14. Really, time hasn't changed much...except what a dollar or two will buy you. Women (the majority) still strap themselves in and up...Spanx...all sorts of tortures still in use and still being invented. Hey, inspiration does come in many guises and a handkerchief with perfume seems a neat one to me.

  15. Great post Steve, memories......

  16. A response to your response- 6/ 26 This is me trying to help a person who is struggling to balance her sobriety- and also help another human in need! Trying to teach her first things first- and still honor her great big heart- :)

  17. Hi Steve, the photo on my site is of the Atlantic City Convention center, soon after dusk. They project a light show onto the building, and it is totally cool, but I don't want to give away details just in case you or one of your readers visits.

  18. Hi Steve
    two bucks can't buy much today... or 2,000... becuause certain things are priceless no matter what the time of our existance...

    Love and Peace

  19. Steve, this piece had me smiling and even laughing at loud (notice no LOL) a few times. I think that BRAs should still be called harness collars, sure feels like one, you should have tried one.
    97% people think about themselves...? that is freedom to know I'll be forgotten that quickly unless I make a real fool of myself and maybe they'll give me 5%