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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

OKLAHOMA is the first musical written by the team of
composer richard Rodgers and librettist Oscar Hammerstein.
The original Broadway production opened March 31 1943.
A box-office smash, it ran for an unprecedented 2,243 performances

This is one favorite spot in the play for me:


"With you it's all er nuthin.
All fer you an nuthin' fer me!
But if a wife is wise, she's gotta realize
that men like you are wild and free.
So I ain't gonna fuss, ain't gonna frown,
Have your fun, go out on the town,
Stay up late and don't come home till three.
And go right off to sleep, if you're sleepy,

There's no use waitin' up for me...."


  1. oo la....got to care for the wife, theres plenty of fun to be had at home, and dont expect her to be round waiting if you are having your fun elsewhere...smiles...

    so i am going to see you in a couple weeks right?

  2. haha...sounds like she's having fun as well when she's not even at home when he's coming back at three in the night...oh la la...smiles

  3. Anyone who doesn't know this musical is missing out! One of my favorites! : )

  4. OOOOOOklahoma... Wonderful show. As for hubby and wife, he had better sleep with one eye open.

  5. Oh how funny! My younger daughter was playing songs from Oklahoma last night. Out of the blue. Great musical!

    And I adore your header photo! Wow, that is beautiful and clever and perfect for you!