Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, May 10, 2013


"If small things--for me--do not exist, 
the great is not great." 
- Jose Ortega and Steve E

Jungfrau Mountain Range, Switzerland


six legs so small--moving speadily
across rock wall, moss-covered,
seems lost. comes thunder, rain.
stare i, in wonder

delightfully formed leaf
detaches itself, life spent.
perfection beyond belief...
i, in wonderment

all creation, constructed in spheres,
often wondered about that, too...
thick steel girders, huge wooden piers.
admiring, i. how about you?

water, air intrigue me
as do moons and stars.
as homo sapiens i "see"
black holes, quasars...

now i've stopped pondering,
no longer in wonder i stare.
wondering has maneuvered to awe
--finally, of God...aware



  1. Absolutely beautiful mate!!! Creation is something else isn't it.. we live in such splendor and mostly are unaware of its awesomeness.

  2. smiles...there's so much beauty around us if we just have eyes to see...and the little things are made with the same genius and are so lovingly constructed like the big things.. the swiss mountains are majestic and beautiful but so is a little lady bug and so is a grass blade and so..that's an endless list..smiles

  3. Lovely..there is so much beauty everywhere. Love this and love your heart.

  4. smiles...there is an artist behind the creation you know...there are some man made ones that are impressive but its the ones in nature that strike me with the most awe...most often...

  5. This is stunning..you have captured a piece of magic..

  6. Wonderful high art in those words and mountains!

  7. You surely have a pure heart, to have concocted a piece so beautiful ... loved it !!!