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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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CHRISTMAS c.6 B.C., by Steve E

Little ones--picture this sight:
Bethlehem shaking, shivering
as Child was born that night
inside  stable--
the real Body and Blood.....

Enough warm love inside His little chest
making water, melting snow.
Whole world flooded, as gifts
from His warm Heart flowed.

Roused from blanketed sleep
by sweetest music in high fidelity,
bunch of old fellows with sheep
found their way fast, at last,
into the barn,
and warm
to attend
first midnight mass

Animals knowingly bent
Their knees, witnessing
Most spectacular event

Watch what happened after that!
They rode in with the wind--
not in limos, but on camels sat

three wisest guys,
one totally black...
with squinty eyes!

Following slow-moving sky light
Many weeks, many miles, they
at most bright

Lamb of God has now met
lamb of man.
One Son shall live--another sun set.

During following span-time,
third of a century by count
he lived humbly sublime.

Behold! A donkey to mount!

He rode through streets.
"Hail King!" shouted they
as thousands Peeps he meets
along the routed way.

That little Babe,
child of wonder
had become a man...
life broken asunder,

dying midst  sounds
of tympanic

curtain dropped.

While life
painfully stopped

.......and started

Note: re-posted and re-worked
from an "anonymous" blog of mine 
(December 2010)

That Christmas by
in Deviant Art


  1. While life
    painfully stopped

    .......and started... how wonderfully expressed steve... i'm so thankful what he did for us..

  2. Love it Steve...it is like watching a play...and the picture is perfect...bkm

  3. Very cool picture. And your words a lovely reminder of all that truly matters :)

  4. Great picture. A great reminder on what is important.

  5. You brought HIM to modern language. A timeless treasure rewrote for modern ears...and yes, the pic is fantastic! Keep it simple, keep it real...

  6. so much said and beautifully. you are a star, man!

  7. Great rhythm in this- I always loved the notion of stable, star and 3 Wise men-

  8. smiles....what a revolutionary start eh? not on blazing chariots across the sky but as a babe...and what then...life was not easy for the young family...fleeing the wrath of earthly kings...wonderful telling of the christmas story brother...

  9. It's as though you've summed up the whole story in a few well-put verses. I like the way you address it to "little ones," we is what we all need to be to understand.

  10. Great verse, really brought the story to life, the triumph and the strife, love the pic too.

  11. Beautifully done - and the picture is perfect.

    Anna :o]

  12. Unfortunately, the more secular America becomes, the more meaningless Christmas becomes. So many people complaining of the stress of gifts and shopping etc etc etc. Gifts and Shopping have nothing to do with Christmas. Giving is not reserved for the holidays, but of course I am preaching to the choir.

    1. "Si-lent Night. Hooo-ly Night! Alll is calmmm, All is brighT..."

      (That's the "choir" singing, Ces--grin!)

  13. Replies
    1. I love one-word comments. they can say SO MUCH!!!

      NOTE: I've never written a one-word, maybe 101 ????--grin!
      thank you, Jess.

  14. You brought life in these words ... beautifully said !!!

    1. You always write the most Ego-building, Pride-flattering comments.
      Can you not say sometime: "There was no rhyme or reason here, it is terribly conceived, poorly contrived"...???
      Thanks GS

  15. Oh, Steve, ye be known by your deep faith.

    A lovely (and rather modern) Xmas story, but touching and tender in the making.

    thanks, sweetie.....

    And shopping and tinsel has nothing to do with the season...though the tinsel might. With the light fading earlier this season, the tinsel represents...at least to me....the glorious sun and Light.

    Lady Nyo

  16. Beautiful...very well presented.
    Christmas is a wondrous time for us and we have romanced it far beyond what it probably was. How hard life was then, I cannot imagine. Bless you Steve.

  17. You wrote: "This is beautiful..."
    Does not your name, Linda, mean "beautiful"?
    Ok then, Thank you...and ditto!

    SO good to see ya, girl!

  18. Hello, fella.
    This is Bella.
    Your poem sure is swella.
    Your favorite season, I can tella.

    Beautiful poem, Maestro. You paint a great picture. :)

  19. AH! BELLA! You talk-a like-a da-Peep I knew in Napoli. Thanks for stoppig by, Whisk-Miss:

    Not a Baker, me
    Nor artist, ya see....
    No, not even
    good musician.
    But just maybe a piece of all three
    --by steveroni

  20. A little-a pincha dis,
    A little-a pincha dat,
    And dat makes for a delicious dish.
    Datsa what you are.

    And unlike my little whisker, at least you have-a de shoes.

  21. Such beautiful poetry. Provides me with ways to compose one too. Hope you're doing good. :)

  22. Amazing to conceptualize the life of a savior / nothing ordinary from start to finish
    Thanks for the dear poem

  23. Trying to put a picture in my mind of the life of a savior/ no easy task
    Written with beauty and understanding
    ... and Steve you enjoy this holiday / one more alive and sober my friend

    1. Thanks for your comments, Leslie. We do not cross paths often anymore. so this is a real treat, to see you here