Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Sorry, I lost URL of artist. If anyone knows it, 
please inform me. Thanks! It was in "DeviantArt"......


"Step right this way, 
to end of the line",
said the Peeps in charge.
Order, it prevails,
not what you'd think.
Double columns of people
stretching large and
far, to faraway parallels
like train rails we stood
around city blocks
Tic-tock, tic-tock,
hours, minute-molted.

Hearts simply sank...

some of us, frail,
might simply fail
to stay upright;
our goal
not yet
in sight.

Thousands slathering
before us, gathering
to cross the moat
and vote. 

Thus, the 2-3-hour wait,
our recent fate,
price for being late.

Slow march to destination,
we--all strangers--said "Hello",
settled into a quiet darkness...
began to "know" one another.
We discussed lives and loves,
friends, history, mothers,

Eight in number, traveling
"family"-on-foot, braving cold.
Four for Barack, four for Mitt
we joked and laughed,

played and prayed.

Child said, "Hey man, you're old.
You go front and sit!"
I answered, "No thanks--
these, my new-found Peeps ,
I'll stay, stand my ground."

Yes, politics we discussed
so all save face.

And yes, laughed and played
--spiritual moments 
to know....

LOVE and PEACE, Peeps!
--Steve E

NOTE: Next post I intend to write brief sketch 
of each Peep in the "Group of Eight" (above) 
while I remember them...before I do not--grin!



  1. it's okay, we can see the artist, that is him hopefully holding up the doodle...

    ***Sigh. What a nightmare.

  2. smiles...i had a 45 minute wait, not too bad, but it was cool to hang out and talk to the peeps...thanks for hanging in there brother....the right to vote is an important one to exercise...cool to hang out with peeps...cant wait to meet yours...

  3. This is beautiful. Laugh, play, vibrate, I just love it Steve. Have I told you lately that this is me.

  4. smiles..love when we connect to perfect strangers in moments like this...and wow...2 - 3 hours wait.. my longest wait in a voting line was about 2 minutes...

  5. I always vote early by mail...I know that some don't feel that's enjoying the "whole" experience and from your post I gather I may have missed something. But I'm happy with my way and the option to choose it. :) People are always interesting if you're willing to listen.

    1. Next year, US Poat Office...here I come. Feet ached plus upper leg crams through the night...and next day. Sometime I also have to say "No" to what I'd consider "FUN"! And THAT is NO fun!--grin!

  6. wow that seemed like a real drag[according to cnn] and reading this was illuminating to say the least. it's a wonderful story and says that us human beans can and do find the love in most everything. xxx

    1. Linda, thanks. You DO "read" me correctly every time!

  7. Steve, you are such a great writer, you carved this election day onto this, almost poetic verses, dancing like politics, a discussion through backgrounds, a glimpse of them, and everything else, since I'm not American, I don't really comprehend several statements(well I'm 15), anyways, lovely. it would be an honor, sir, if you'd visit my blog and check out my photographic works and writings, or even maybe, we can follow each other :)

    THE PHOTOGRAPHIC SENSE-http://reinhardtkenneth.blogspot.com

  8. Yay for you! Great that you managed to hold on- I heard some places allowed people
    to vote days ahead! of course there is also absentee :)