Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, May 5, 2012



As children, we gathered,
joined hands, danced, sang
pocket full of posies..."

As we "all fell DOWN", 
 a dizziness sustained
was enjoyably confusing.

Most of this week, I have been unbalanced. 
Peeps say to me, 
"Steve, that's nothing new to YOU--grin!"
(Special friendly 'double-meaning' there!

Experiencing Vertigo is not new to me. 
Few hours or for DAYS, no warning;
the condition descends on my  body
like devil might suddenly enter my mind

It can be debilitating,
as whether awake or 'asleep'...
whole world spinning fast around
--in wrong direction!

On this occasion, the disease
of impermament unbalance 
allows me to walk Very Carefully,
hanging onto doors, walls and furniture.

Hanging also on full moon out there 
so beautiful--behind little trees 
on top of deforested mountain.

And Peeps! I am SO grateful to HAVE 
doors, walls, and furniture
and dizzy moon which IS full!
Full of happiness...and YOU!

Get well soon! 
(I wrote that so you don't have to, OK?)
A silent kind thought, and a prayer will do...



Image: DeviantArt
The Sky is Dizzy
by jedimario.jpg


  1. Awwww, STEVE! Boo! I hate that you're off balance. Hope you are back on the beam SOON!

  2. hey steve...hugs and prayers your way...hope things will soon go better...and hang on to that moon with both arms...

  3. Vertigo is a scary sensation. It is just absolutely awful. I hope you will find relief soon. Otherwise you just have to spend most days in supine position with your eyes closed. I hope you feel better soon Steve.

    If you are stable, I have something you might enjoy: http://cesandherdishes.blogspot.com/2012/05/egghoven-over-easy-and-symphony-no9.html

  4. oh man...sorry to hear about the vertigo man...i hope that clears up and that def would not be a good experience...prayers up for you brother...

    Thanks, girl. It is not fun, b ut I know SO many Peeps a LOT worse off—and so do you. But you made me smile—wide!

    Hanging on..also got a white pine walking stick from Alaska mountains—shaved by hand 40 years ago. It is still so cold, my hands freeze to it's bark. (BOW-WOW!) Thank you for comment!

    You—the “World's Greatest Squiggler”, among many other things—are kind to write here. Thank you. Also thanks for
    ...it is wonderful where you run with your inspirations/ideas!

    Thank you, Bri...it is just a part of life which “happens” now and then to Peeps—if they live long enough—grin!

    I hope so also. Each night I anticipate waking up to normal health, NOT debilitating dizziness. Thanks for your wishes.

  6. But I still have to type
    instead of writing
    get well soon

    the moon is full
    full of wishes
    and peace

  7. Aww, Maestro. I'm so sorry. This makes me worry even more with the thought of you on your scooter having a sudden dizzy spell. Please be careful. Please get better soon.


  8. I can imagine that vertigo is very uncomfortable. It's hard enough being in this crazy world when you're on two stable feet and things don't spin. Thus far, knock on wood, I haven't experienced it except as a hospital inpatient when meds made it seem the bed was spinning. I did NOT like the sensation.

    I hope it all gets resolved soon.

  9. Man! After that comment, I don't know what else to say. You are musch too kind. Too kind. really. Tsup!

  10. Well I'm pretty sure Shawn can empathize. I'm sorry the world is spinning round and round, hope God slows the spin to a stop very soon! In the meantime hope the healing hands are on you providing you peace!

  11. oh steve, that is NOT fun...i have been bothered by it for over a year along with tinnitus but vertigo is definitely AWFUL! be well soon, my friend, i shall keep you in my thoughts and send you blessings for a quick recovery ... you will recover!♥ linda

  12. RAINFIELD61:
    Thanks, Rainfield! Type away, man...and even when I cannot see the moon, I 'know' it is there. Always!
    PEACE, friend!

    Feel better. Played a wedding on the beach this evening. Prayer-Girl drove me, though. I see SO many SO sick, that grateful is the only word descriptive of how I feel! Thanks for your concern, I know you mean it, my friend!
    LOVE and PEACE!

    Old Western song:
    “Back in the saddle again...
    out where a friend is a fren...”

    EVERYTHING gets resolved soon...or later. And mine is about over, but ya know, how, after you been sick, you feel SO much better, you say (weakly) to yourself, “Hey! I really WAS sick...so week now!”
    Thank you, nurse!

    NOT kindness which makes me write...simple honesty of how I feel (sometimes, what I KNOW!) at the time. And YOU just happen to fit the ideal in so many ways. Of course, I know statues have clay feet, so you ARE allowed to be imperfect. 'Imperfect' even SOUNDS better than, say, 'pluperfect'! Dontcha think?

    Hey Girl. At least when “my world is spinning around”, I know I'm not the ONLY one. And maybe it's me spinning—the world stopped?--grin!

    I can almost 'feel' God working in your life this past week...and you letting Him. May God bless you with less strenuous testing during this summer...
    Love to you Peeps and PEACE always!

    Just about ready to be well again. Thanks for asking, and coming over here. Viewed your videos. Get back there tomorrow, hopefully!

    Recovery means more than “getting better”...it can mean “Recover your life back”...because with some of these age-related issues, one's life is really diminished. HA! I'm telling YOU???

    You are sounding--on posts and comments--better than, say, one year ago. Is it true? So, we keep bouncing up and down, meandering through this so wonderful life!
    Love and PEACE...always, Linda!

  13. Oh Steve....I have just come off 5 weeks of constant vertigo! I feel your pain.

    Yes, I held on to furniture, fences, trees, and staggered around like an old drunk woman....and even neighbors who should have known better, didn't.

    I send such sympathy to my, dear friend. It will pass, but mileage varies with the person. No one knows what really brings this on, in the ER they thought I had had a stroke, but decided since I survived it for 7 days, it was vertigo.

    My thoughts to you, Steve....and hang on to that Moon.

    PS: my brother, also a violinist, told me that when he had it...(for only a few hours, but a couple of times over the past few years) he concentrated on his violin...playing, and it helped for some unknown reason.

    Love and Peace!

    Lady Nyo (Jane)

  14. LADY NYO (JANE):
    Last night I forced myself to play a wedding on the beach--contracted a month ago. Played my heart out, so-to-speak(!)...

    And today, woke up with absolutely NO dizziness, could walk, and talk, bend over. Tomorrow, I'll go work out at gym 45 minutes.

    Thanks for tip about playing violin. Evidently, it works for me too, although I had not that intention!

    ...AND, I believe none of us can ever get too much of
    LOVE and PEACE!

    (Or GIVE too much--grin!)

  15. Have dealt with this problem myself in the past...no fun. The part I hated most, was not being able to drive.

  16. I feel your pain, Steve. I get attacks from time to time. The doctor said it was Meniere's Disease. One time was as I was getting off an airplane in another city while on a business trip. I made friends with the walls of the jetway, but once in the airport, there were no walls. It's a wonder i wasn't arrested for being loopy in a public place. BTW, dramamine helps me recover...

  17. MAGPIE:
    I've had worse sessions--like, could not leave the bed for several days one time. Funny, how when I'm feeling terrible, it is helpful to know others have felt the same. Why is that? "We are not alone"...maybe?

    Doctor years ago said try Dramamine. It did not work then, and does not now. My German father 'always' said, "WORK IT OFF!" Achtung!

    Thank God it's over...for now!
    PEACE! (again--grin!)

  18. I am glad that the violin therapy worked, Steve! LOL!

    Of course, you were concentrating on something you devotedly loved and that probably straightened out whatever was wrong. Maybe it's something about the wheels of concentration in the brain? I don't know, but I am very glad you are much better.

    And, be careful about the working out for 45 minutes in the gym. Take it slowly. You don't want to stress yourself out and have this debiliting condition return.

    Lady Nyo

  19. Babe, I had vertigo for only two days from a sinus infection - and once for a week after some fool psychiatrist messed up my meds. There is nothing more offputting, more embarrassing, than walking around sober but looking like a drunk. As far as the "inside joke," I'm sure you had your times, as I did, when I DESERVED to walk into a wall (long-standing affair with Jack Daniels and occasional threesomes including Mary Jane, ha ha), but vertigo, until you've had it, is hard for folks to understand. Healing vibes coming atcha! Peace, Amy

  20. LADY NYO:
    Thanks for advice--I have taken. As for Verti...she keeps returning, but goes away again in 8-12 hours. Sooo. Thank for your concerns, and experience.

    "Healing Vibes" ALWAYS work, in some way--every day. That is why our program is called 'spiritual' instead of "BOB AND BILL'S HOLY ROLLING SOCIETY OF DRUNKS"

    You stay sober today Amy, and I will. also! OK?

  22. Steve ... oh ... Now I know why today I had to read this ...
    I'm worried about you!
    Now I'll pray for you ...
    Greetings from Cosima.

  23. Dear Dear COSIMA!
    Not to worry. Part of a good life is to deal with inconsistencies of health.
    And, knowing all my Peep friends--I am one of the truly fortunate ones, with such few ailments.

    I wish all your pains will be little ones, Cosima. Thanks for dropping by, I like to 'see' you on these occasions!
    Love and PEACE!