Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Cedar Waxwings


Sought in vain and always--
that language universal
Peeps acting this drama, life,
not understanding, no rehearsal.

Yet, “What a Wonderful World”
everyone sings, knows, that
smiling and shaking of hands;
(even if from other lands!)

Singing, saying
"How d'ya do!”
In truth, saying

Lo and behold,
verses of the poet!
On refrain be told in
music's sweetest melody

what's right, not wrong
with the world I see
in you, Peep
--and me.

a duet: Two birds,
of LOVE forever warbling
when high noon
meets full moon.

We sing,
We pray
and say

"Trust, we must--
in God, thine and mine.”
Never ever
let loose of the Vine.

In God we are so entwined,
and safe now, my friend.
Remembering well the beginning,
Knowing only...there is no end

May 15, 2012

IMAGE: Two birds in a tree 
by Earthmagic
in DeviantArt
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  1. thats called abiding man...in the vine...where life comes from...and also then giving of that love...thats it...that is what life is all about...smiles...nice brother...

  2. These are two proud birds from whom we can derive so much inspiration.

  3. Hey, Steve!! Love it!! Great to read first thing this morning!! : ))

  4. Oh my gosh, I hope everyone will just ignore my comment but this is too sweet and so wonderful and cute and all goodness...and it is Monday and I find it quite disgusting. Yech! You know what I mean. Stop it! Hahahah! Tsup!

  5. Because of this I will draw something really sinister and even more disgusting than that rotten egg. I will call it Deviled Egg - inspired by Steve who is so so so nice. Stop it!!!

  6. BRIAN:
    Yup—not be get too deep in this, but I guess it's too late...already stuck in the mire of Creative LOVE! Because that is exactly the way I see Creation, as an act of God's LOVE, total giving of Himself. And we (thanks, Adam!) Fk'd it up.

    Yesss. The cedar Waxwing I read about help one another. If the berries are at the end of a thin branch which will not hold all the birds, they line up and pass the berries one to the other until all have eaten. HOW 'BOUT THAT!!!!

    In reading SO many things about your activities (on your blog), I am excited for YOU, Babe! It sounds like a new life—new LIVES—for you on the way. Some here now! Oh please...spread your inspired talents around the world, in jewelry-art, and do not forget the HEARTS...OK?
    LOVE and PEACE to you and your Peeps, girl!

    (Comment ignored!--grin!) Heheheheheh!

    CES (again?)!
    Deviled Egg? I'me certain you don't know this, but I DO NOT COOK. I do dishes—all of them, but boiling water for coffee is my forte at the stove.
    E X C E P T......for one thing. I make the BEST danged Deviled EGGS you can imagine. Dozens at a time, for those “bring-your-own-dishes” gatherings or parties. And they are the FIRST food item to run out—always! Realize this is more than you EVER wanted to know about fiddlemn....
    Thank for the 'lovely' (I think???) comments.
    A big TSUP!
    Wait! Hold it! Take that 'tsup' back! STOP it! (Jack Benny always would say “STOP it, Rochester!”

  7. I'm loving the thought that there is no end. :)

  8. I have insomnia tonight/today/morning/whatever......and this gracious read just reminded me that it's not the end of the world. My tiredness hath buggered off....!

  9. MAGPIE:
    I think you love just about everything. And how WONDERFUL that is!

    Insomnia! That's a tough one, there are so many causes. I'm sure you know them all and their antidotes.

    My wish for you tonight/tomorrow:
    Less stress
    More PEACE
    ...and know that i have 'some' control over my behavior--but NO control over others actions or inaction. OK? Sleep well!

  10. There is wisdom and peace in surrendering to Him. That was a beautiful poem.
    More power

  11. Lovely poem, Steve. But was that a touch of Yoda I saw in there?

  12. No rehearsal, how true but maybe there's time to make up.

  13. I love your bird poem. Just now, with the sun rising at 05 a.m. and setting at 10 p.m. pluss an hour of dusk and dawn, we are in the best concert hall ever.
    I cannot think of a better place for insomnia.
    My favorite birds do not sing. The swans, always swimming in pairs, live a life long monogamy.
    Their necks and head literally form a heard as they are courting.

  14. I especially like the last 2 verses!
    ( I am reading a book you might like-
    Fate and Destiny by Michael Meade)

  15. i wish there were a rehearsal to life...the possibility sometimes to start a part again, to act different, to give more love...but we can each day...start again...right..

  16. This world always needs more love- always ....very nicely written piece...positive- we all need some positive from time to time!

  17. I'm resonating with all of it, man.

  18. me likes and relikes...(is that a word?)

    You are so beautifully romantic...

    I love that choice of quote!

  19. Nice :) good to reinvent ourselves and keep going...each day is a new day :) Peace and Love.

  20. I like the duet and never losing the vine ~

  21. As always, so much hope and good feeling in your work Steve--always a pleasure to pass through and see your light shine.

  22. You're right Steve. I always try to find something that I love about everything that happens in my life. I really took it to heart when I was told that if I didn't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. I LOVE to talk way too much to not find something to say. :)

  23. Steve, There is such abundant joy in your poem. I had to smile while I read each line. LOVE

  24. real and true sweetness,not on the surface, but deep...beautiful poem.

  25. LAURA:
    Thank you! There is “deep” in everyone, I think. Some fear the awareness, or false pride prevents us from putting it out there! (?)

    Smile away, girl! I do a lot of that—there is SO much to smile about. Stay positive, and above all: attitude of gratitude! I'll try to remember that also today!

    Yup, I stay up LATE, LATE, and keep the light burning.
    Hope, and good feeling—well, girl, I can only say this—it ain't fake!

    Duets are nice. --grin!

    I like “each day, a new day. Each hour also? Each minute? Guess SO! Always another chance!

  26. DULCE:
    “Relikes” is now an official blog word—of the Fourth Dimension—grin!
    Aren't many, if not most, poets, musicians, artists, romantic—in SOME way—grin!??
    Yeah...the quote. I was hoping somebody would read it and enjoy. (Song!) “It Had to be You...”
    Thank you for coming by, Dulce.
    Love and PEACE to you and yours!!!

    Resonate with me, my friend. I believe the whole world would be at peace if we all 'resonated'. Maybe a National RESONATION DAY? No...I did NOT say 'resignation'. However, that ain't all that bad a word now, is it—grin??

    Yup. Each day, sometimes each hour/minute can be the next starting line for us S L O W learning Peeps. And, if I think about it, I could make all so-called failures...REHEARSALS!

    FATE AND DESTINY it is, then. Peeps do not recommend books to me, so when that gift from heaven descends, I take note. Michael Meade Thank you!

    More positive! More LOVE!
    Less self-centeredness!
    More self-awareness!
    The world NEEDS! Yessss.....

  27. MAGPIE:
    From a fellow who “likes to talk WAY too much”, I'm guessing we are related somewhere between Adam and Now! And I also--even lying under my bike in the intersection of busy streets—found some sort of gladness about it all (Well, I was ALIVE, for one thing—grin!) Anyway, you may know that I LOVE LIFE also..enough so I wish EVERFYONE could have the same gift of gratitude-attitude!
    Glad I 'know' you, Ma'am!

    Ya know, considering I have peace, but lacking in wisdom, what I have is a string of days/years of habit, mostly good—if not always correctly motivated. THAT'S IT! Habit!
    Thanks for dropping by...
    LOVE and PEACE!

    Yoda is EVERYWHERE, I'm thinking. Sometimes hiding, but always there. Something like “God”? That is not meant as sacrilegious....

    Every mistake-day is rehearsal day. Rehearsals are to correct mistakes. So, you are SO RIGHT! God allows for LOTS of 'makeup' time...(I hope!)

    I may have responded to this...but anyway, 'courting birds! How sweet! Yes, I see them also, not swans but many others. We can well learn from nature, and birds is a good place to start.

    Concert Hall, the best. God's acoustics are far better than those we pay millions of bucks to engineer....
    Love and Peace to you, Fel!

    If I have forgotten or missed anyone, I apologize, believe me, not intentional!!!!!

  28. Love the way you concluded this one. Nicely done.

  29. I LOVED this poem! Choose to see the good, not the bad. Beautiful words and sentiment! This is your grin in poetry form.

    Hugs to you!

  30. ALEX:
    Thank you. I look forward to seeing more of your poetry. Glad to have 'met' you.

    SEE??? I SAID you write the nicest comments! Seriously, I believe after time, 'one' ceases 'choosing' to see good or bad. The bad has disappeared. All what is left is GooooD! When I reach that level, I'll letcha know, OK?--grin!

  31. WE sing "We Are The Vine" in our praise band a lot. Vines, so different from trees, in that they are interconnected and stemming from one strong root. "So entwined," a lovely internal rhyme. And I agree, there is no end. A life lived in love will attach the soul to eternal love once this time is over. Lovely Steve!! Amy

  32. trust and faith are such beautiful things!!

  33. AMY!
    Sounds as if we would have great difficulty finding something to quarrel over. Thanks! PEACE!

    As I become more aware of them so MANY gifts from God are beautiful. trust and faith are two of them!

    Thanks for commenting here Ann Marie

  34. Steve, I get a palatable sense of joy when I read this....there is such glory and trusting...that it chases doubt and misery away.

    I want what you are having!! LOL!

    and don't take off the summer from blogging...writing your poetry. If it is like this, it fills the spirit with only good stuff.

    Lady Nyo

  35. We sang "You are the vine/we are the branches/Keep us abiding in you..." today with our praise band. Love how you connected nature and the birds with jazz and finally with God, the Creator of all this amazing mess we sail through, rough seas or calm... Great stuff, hon! Amy