Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, May 24, 2012


ABSOLUTELY do I love caffeine
with which to toast the morning sun
and after that, earth's moonlit scene.

How might anyone not
enjoy a double shot
of espresso
gushing through
Oh! Excitement
come to me...
that I may view, in new light
a new you, beauteous sight!

Though I be 'drunk' 
on the drug
black bean
in fat round 
Starbucks mug
it's seen

as my elixir...
as my fixer.

Three days ago I stopped at a market, to save Prayer Girl a trip, and because we only needed one item...four little 7-oz cans of Starbucks “Double Shot” Espresso. 
(Really good when mixed with few ounces of regular coffee!)

Those little cans of goodness looked so cute, I bought a full, heavy case of the stuff, could hardly carry it out to my scooter. I realized—yep, suddenly!--that in NO WAY would a case that large fit in my bike trunk. So I called Anna to come and pick up the 
half ton of 'liquid gold'.

We both re-learned a lesson, first-learned long ago: never send an alcoholic for ONE of anything. Invariably, he will return, toting FIFTY. That lesson also pertains to HERSHEY BARS, Ice Cream, pie(s), shirts, shoes, socks, sunglasses, gloves, writing pens, paint, wood, nuts-and-bolts, tools, cookies, etc., etc.--OBOY!

And of course, 4 small cans of DOUBLE-SHOT Espresso!



  1. lol......I'm a coffee-dodger, Steve, a right little tea-jenny am I! I swear the babbling in his sleep my hubby does every night is down to the 8 gallons he downs every day!

  2. haha i love my coffee as well...so you dont want to send me either...though i may send you next time because a case would be a treat...glad she came to rescue you man...smiles...

  3. Too strong for my liking. I drink a cup of decaf daily. That's enough.

  4. Wy do I find this story so easy to believe? Sounds like Steve-O through and through.

    Wondering--does your husband's 'talking-in-sleep' bother HIM--grin?

    Also, there IS that old song "To Each His Own"...so I guess there's room in this world for coffee AND tea drinkers.

    Maybe some day we can have a couple cuppas together. First we'll have to invent 30-hour days. OK, I know, you already live those!

    Well, at least you don't tell us that coffee drinking is a sin--grin! Nice to be in touch with you, Sir.

    Sweet Ma'am! you just know me TOO D**N WELL! It's a good thing I don't have to lie anymore--you'd be a tough one to fool!
    Thanks for comin' around...why don't we stay sober another day? --grin!

  6. Java junkies,we can all relate

  7. I bet I would love that. Do they make a sugar-free? The 17 grams of sugar is too much for me.

  8. hahahahaha...i LOVE this story. Really sMILE'ng here! Hope you have an abundant HAPPY 'day tomorrow ;)

    Thanks for being my friend. In so many ways. You really have been with me from the beginning of my choice to heal!

    --stacie s'MILEs

    I have a big 'happy', that God is allowing me to 'see' the progress He has performed in your attitude and outlook on life. I am thrilled for you, that you are blessed in this fashion several years ago, and got to know one another through blogging experiences.

    There IS a sugar-free! Hint: they are not cheap, but are a lot less at PUBLIX, than at Starbucks.

    We alcoholics ARE the same, in SO many ways. Pride is at top of the list of our sameness...but coffee MUST come in as close second.

    NOTE: I left a (too) long comment on yours, and blogger ate it up. I'll try again, since it was a "real classic work of artistic writing"--BIGGEST GRINNING!

    Have a great weekend
    Congratulations on 11 months!

  10. Oh Steve,

    I can relate! Not to the coffee, not to the alcoholic tendency, but to the liquid gold rush of energy!

    Now, learn my lesson, and limit yourself to one a day! You don't want to go from little Starbucks energy shots to Monster Energy Drinks...3 a day...do you? Heart racing, I will stop this comment, with this...

    Peace, my friend!

  11. Great job! More is better!
    I have to let go of my coffee craze
    at least for the warm weather! I quit
    smoking a while back and the allergies seem to be zinging- I can't breath hardly and coffee is
    making the job tougher- 'tighter'
    had a few sips the other day and I do love the 'E' kick! toast one for me!

  12. Espresso... What else!!!?

    Beautiful poem peep, dear.
    I deeply wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my friend!


    and xxx

  13. Oh, you made me smile. A smile of comrades in arms so to speak. I so understand this feeling. Have a great holiday weekend and be safe. I'm headed up to Strawberry for some cooler weather.

  14. happy happy happy birthday
    happy happy happy birthday
    happy happy happy birthday
    2 u 2 u 2 u...


  15. MAGPIE
    Strawberry sounds 'cool' to me. Have a coffee with me today...wherever you are

    I am still smiling at what a nice gesture for you to dedicate a blog post to moi. HERE it is.

    Thank you SO much, my friend--this WAS a nice surprise-present today!

    You may not believe this--but I DO listen to advice.
    --grin! And so,
    to let you know,
    one 'double-shot
    is what I've got
    each day--after that, you see
    I'll have my twelve coffee!

    Blessings, and PEACE!

    Wondering...do Peeps drink coffee in Castles? Hope so......

    I thought coffee was our pipeline to allergies. Hmmmm! And breathing problems. Well, from what you say, I'm not about to stop the caffeine.
    But OUT with the nicotine!
    Today (for me) is "Love and peace for everybody" Day
    --So here's yours ♥ and PEACE!

    ...to be sung at the finish of tune "Happy Birthday":
    "...and m a n y M O R R R E..."
    Thank you, my friend!!!

  17. Happy birthday dear Steve!

    You are a gift from God for the bloggers!
    Good to have you here, nice to meet you here.

    Love and Peace - Cosima.

  18. hey friend...on your birthday you caring so much about me and mine:

    i am copy/pasting this because i don't want you to worry...or anyone really. i just had to write. you know. so below is my update to the post. my sweet boy is fine. i will email you more later if you want to know more.

    quick update on the post - G is home and safe, doesn't change any of what i felt and experienced....weird that now i just feel silly. but those feelings of worry for a child are so real and heartfelt. he did fall asleep watching the movie; right after the one AM -ish text, woke up confused and sad that he worried me. with his head injury and new meds it just makes things hard...for him...and for me.

    PS: steve, i also moved that post back a day because that story about my friends friend is the thing I want to shout from the mountain tops. so....ya...the post about G is still there...just moved it below. thanks. I am sure you prayed much.

    G slept yesterday till 2 pm. his new meds are hard on him. he was so sad he scared me so much falling asleep. it is just not like him to do that....and oh how I worried like nothing ....but i also experienced much peace. especially when i prayed. all things happen for reason.

    PSS: I am headed back to 12 step. [not that i am off the wagon...but for some healing and strength] Wish me luck!

  19. COSIMA!
    Thank you for the card, you are a really nice Peep. I'll visit your blog soon. Hey, the only Cosima I knew before you was wife of Richard Wagner, composer, of opera, etc. (Actually I did NOT 'know' her, of course!--grin!)
    Love and PEACE for YOU too, girl.

    MILE 191
    Thank you for this update--I needed to read that!

    As for 12 Step programs, I go every morning, because it is a good way for me to begin another sober day. Up at 5:30, meeting at 7 AM almost every day. Ya see, I have a built-in FORGETTER, and need to hear every day live Peeps telling me how it is with their lives.

    But, no regulations or rules. Advise you "stay close to your God"...which I'm guessing you do!

  20. How can I miss to sing you a Happy Birthday song?

    I heard that you are a gift from God for the bloggers.

    Can you confirm this?

    HAHAHA! You're good, Peep! I cannot ratify another's statement. However, I believe every Peep who shares their photos, art, poems, strength, experience, hope--and most DO!--on the blogs, is a gift to the other bloggers, from God.

    (That means you, too...OH GAWD!--grin!)

    Of course it depends on each one's 'understanding' of God.

    Hey, all kidding aside, I AM glad to 'know' you, friend!
    LOVE and PEACE!

  22. Coffee!!! That word sounds simply MAGIC! I haven't tried the 'double shot' but I like their mocha. Of course, I normally drink my coffee just black, sometimes with sugar, most of the time, unsweetened, so that I can taste that caffeine purely... ahhhh.... time to brew me a fresh cup of colombian supreme!