Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, May 26, 2012



It is not half so important to know as to feel." 
- Rachel Carson 

May 25 (yesterday) I was made to 
'feel'--also to yield--so much love.

Sharing, caring, best wishes,
and love of Peeps both far away
and in a morning AA meeting room
gave new meaning to the question
How does it (life) work?

The response, of course:
"It works just fine!"--grin!

In the usually daily bright sunshine of south Florida,
I must wear a hat--from my collection LOL!
Today, not a single hat will fit. See? All those
beautiful and kind birthday messages, 
even a blog post dedication, 
went right to my head.

From early morning, to a late "fancy" 
Italian dinner with Anna (no wine!), 
it WAS the best birthday 
I have EVER enjoyed!

From this peep (me) to ALL of you Peeps,
always, always, always and forever!


thank you for the roses 
by villasukka-d4jyvgu2
in Deviant Art


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dear Steveroni!

    May you have many, many more...double that!

    With peace and love,

    Lady Nyo

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Did you have cake?

  3. smiles...glad you had a good birthday brother...easy to remember it is on my anniversary...

  4. thank you so very much for visiting my blog while i was away and sorry for replying so late, i just got back from outer space :D

    Happy belated birthday!
    This wish is late so that you can celebrate your birthday longer.

    take care ok!


  5. BRIAN...HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Is it safe to ask how many--assuming it is you and your bride celebrating?
    Or is it the 'other'....

    Thanks you...but you were here and wished already--no! that was your BROTHER, how nice of him, I really liked that.

    NO Italian Wedding cake, although that is the GOOD STUFF. Skipped desert at restaurant...bought a whole Key Lime Pie at a special bakery (cost less than ONE desert at fine Italian Bistro)
    Yep, you even wrote my favorite word TSUP! I remember now! Thank you!

    I'm coming! I'm coming. I'll be around to your blog, a couple posts behind, I know, I know. Just TIME!!!
    (We DO have Eternity, they tell me!)

  6. MITA!
    Have missed your young face on these places, except for brief performances with our "FAVORITES, Bella dn Ces. But even those few glimpses are enough to keep one feeling safe--as if the world is STILL a nice place.

    Thank you for coming over here, girl!

  7. Happy Happy birthday ~

    May you continue to be blessed with friends and cheers ~

    Have a good weekend ~

  8. Glad that you had a good birthday. Happy Saturday, Steve.

  9. Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a regular coronation there! So glad you had such a beautiful day!


  10. You don't look any older to me!

  11. HEAVEN!
    Yep, I'm sure grateful for friends, family, and other miracles (sobriety, for one!)

    Thanks again, Oh Mistress! Hangin' around this next week sounds GOOD! In June you'll be near to Akron around the second week (Sunday,10th) when Founder's Day is celebrated. Maybe you'll meet gangs of AA "Easy Riders" going or coming to the event.

    I know that YOU know about gratitude, Sir. And I can share with you that God is so good to us during these years, I stand in awe of His works...and His work! I just wish to tell everyone. I know--"attraction, not promotion"! Anyway, such is....

    Yeah, it is the first time I felt really REALLY "special". Don't want to feel that way too often, humility lifts away like a fog in the morning sun--and I need to keep what little I have--grin! Thanks for your comment.

    My sponsor tells me--in his rough, gravely voice, and inimitable fashion, "You're not 79. You are 'IN YOUR 80TH YEAR'. AND DON'T FORGET IT!"
    Thanks to you for such 'truthful comment--grin!

  12. I am sure you are wiser by another more day.

    Or you are simply too wise by now.

  13. I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday, Steve. I adore all my Gemini friends. I've had several over the years who've been precious to me.

    Thanks too for the ankle well wishing. So sweet of you, and I appreciate it.

    Enjoy the warm weather in sunny Florida!


  14. much love to you steve.... you are indeed a treasure!

    {also wanted you to know i have been on your FB page but cannot see where I can leave you a message!! friend me @ coyotemoonstudio since i can't find where to do it on yours. then i can at least say HI! :}


    Truly I am not now sure what you are saying. If it were good ole sarcasm, I should recognize it, because I was a Master of that years ago.

    I read your blog because you are an artist (who I admire) in photography and words. If you like it here, please return, but if not, well, why waste your time (and mine!) Guess you can tell, your comments here the past few days are neither funny nor nice, IMO!
    PEACE, Friend!

  16. CATFISH!
    Thank you...I have for four years found these blogs to be places of happiness, helpfulness, fun, and a stressless part of my life.
    Wonder why we ALL don't just partake, and enjoy?
    I love summer. Well, actually fall, Winter, and Spring, too--grin!

    I went to your Facebook page, and also could not even fine tour wall, or pictures, or 'friends', or anything. ALSO nowhere to ask to be a friend. Funny, that you cannot find mine--everyone else daoes! Do you have everyone participating on your Face Book pages? Anyway, KAY-SIR-RAH!

  17. I'm sorry if I missed your Birthday!
    Happy -many- days of course! clean and sober, laughing- given all the opportunities of a warm wonderful
    state; you're glass is overflowing!

  18. Happy birthday, Steve... sorry I'm a little late. I'm so glad you had a wonderful celebration. You're right, friends mean a world to all of us, especially when we are facing challenges.

    Thank you, my dear friend, for your visits to my blog and your sweet comments. I appreciate everyone of them. You always have something positive to say, and a delightful way to encourage others. I'm sure your violin will be a great companion should you have to check in to a nursing home :-)) Maybe I will be the next door resident... the crazy lady dancing salsa and tango :-)))


  19. I attended a friend's 22 anniversary of sobriety. I thought of you. I admire people like him and like you

  20. :-)

    Great peeps deserve great gifts from life!

    I am happy messages went to your head.. and your heart- hopefully!

    Cheers my dear!

  21. I am so glad that you had a wonderful day. It seems like I remember from last year that our birthdays are one day apart...mine being May 24th. Happy Belated Birthday!