Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, November 28, 2011


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I love snow and cold weather—if I can be warm. From earliest memory I was not warm, ever. In early 1960's I had resigned from Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, quit a good restaurant manager job. One moon-full 2 AM I took off for the south, there to be warm and stay drunk for the rest of my life—my goal! (It's kinda chilly tonight—and I don't drink—thanks to AA)...

Understand, in Miami, thousands of roofs are painted white to stave off sun's heat. OK. Please read my experience:




Well—just knowing
it's snowing
wherever I going.

High in the sky,
year 1965
over Flo-ree-da
one moonlight night:
way down
on ground,
blotches of white!
there. NO!

Tears began to roll
years taken toll
getting old
fingers cold

My God, I'm age forty
I play a violin...and
that's not good when
my hands are blued, where
ten-finger-icicles protrude

Cold water will drop
through 'f'-holes
dampening sensitive
sound-post and board.
Negativity soared

Rusty strings
damp bow hair,
other things...

Now flying low
over white roof,
proof of my goof!

Snow in Miami?
How can this be?
Yearning to drown myself
in Atlantic—or alcoholic sea
or both! (That's me!)

Plane door opens
first in line
balmy breeze
fullest moon over Miami
shining through
lacing palm leaves

But...but my eyes,
from high in those skies
(picture my delight!)
were seeing house-tops
all painted WHITE!

Scene: 1964-1965
Written: 11/29/11

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  1. And the rest, they say, is history. Or His Story???

    Hi, Steve :)

  2. i imagine that would be pretty delightful...when we lived in Tampa we went to the christmas celebration and they made it snow with bubbles...santa was dressed in an olde world outfit...it was very cool...

  3. Iz, I'm wondering if you understood? My heart sank when--from the airplane--I saw below all the 'white', thinking it was snow. I had flown 1,000 miles to land in...SNOW. But the snow turned out to be white paint on Peeps' roofs.
    Awwww! I'm SURE you 'got it'--grin!

    Hi, Kristin!! I have read some of herstory "Her Stories" of yours, babe!

    BRIAN: Starbucks? Next summer? In Virginia? Or is it WVA?

    I heard angels singing!

  4. Good one! lovely moon- and haha to white roofs!

  5. I like the cold too as long as I am in front of a fireplace.

    "meaningless drivel"!!!

    Please do not use that phrase in my blog. Never. Not coming from any of my peeps. That word peeps make me feel like a peeping Tom. Hahah! Have a good day. Tsup!

  6. Very cute...I was raised in the cold and snow...it still haunts me....so I understand...bkm

  7. Hi, Steve :-) Nice to see you, too. I spent some time lately on your blog, so perhaps I downloaded you with thoughts to mine. Take care and till the next time :-) pa, pa

  8. i too love snow when i can be warm... love the weaving of different things together here steve..

  9. Steve, this is sweet. I am happy you found your peace. :)
    Love how you thought it was snow....
    Peace to you always!

  10. I would be disappointed too if my hot vacation turns cold. Glad it all worked out well...Happy day ~

  11. I like this a lot. I was totally there with you, Steve.

    No, really. I was THERE, with you in Miami in 1964-1965. Really. Wish you'd said hello. ;-)

  12. Nice post...and nice blog too...enjoyed going thro'...cheers!

  13. I hadn't thought about those white roofs. Glad that you are in the warmth of the spirit now.

  14. Poor man, what a shock.You were possibly not quite sober either, when you saw the white moon over those white roofs. Glad you survived and are still among us.
    Grace over bourbon street.

    To comfort ourselves here in the cold north, we have a saying, "There's no such thing as poor weather, only poor clothing."
    So we mummify ourselves and insulate our houses, and keep on keeping in the Arctic dark, waiting for spring and nights in white satin.

  15. oh that would have made me happy too...I am not snow's biggest fan. fun story :)

  16. Oh Steve!!! I started to HOWL!!

    with laughter. Those white roofs of Miami. LOL!

    No...I don't like being cold. and raised in the rural NJ in a pre-Revolutionary house with heating oil that never seemed really to warm this old farm house....well, those icicles I have seen on noses, mine in particular.

    Thank God that childhood survives the cold of snow, ice, wet frozen feet, hands that don't close, etc.

    It's the latter years where the cold getcha. And you can't play a violin with frozen fingers. LOL!


    Lady Nyo

  17. Love the pic very impressionistic

    love your look back to 65 Steve
    hugs from the Moon