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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


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The Blind shall see,

and the Deaf made to hear!

Totally sightless from age 3 or 4,
he was totally deaf from age (+/-) 50

How sad.
How sad?
Read on to see.
Let yourself be
and listen--
inner voice—

I'm bad
leading you on like this:

He led life of normalcy
lived life of blindness with ease

He loved to fish
loved to hunt--
I'd fire the gun
He felt he'd won!

His true love of nature
animals, children
more genuine than
poet, painter
music maker.

He was midwife
to all who birthed
from kitten to cow
in field or hay mow

First he'd kneel.
After, he'd heal.
His smile was forever

I'm just a tad...bad!

Did I write his life was
one of normality?

Well, it happened. Deaf
struck with finality
set him in chaos—abyss

Once he realized
God did not punish
but simply
assigned a role,
all he had to do
was play the part.

This, then, he did in
award-worthy style
and died still.
Still with that smile.

Did I begin 
How sad?”
Now--to let you know,
I'm so glad
he's my Dad.


Deaf And Blind by w1zzy 
 @ DevaintArt


  1. i am glad he was as well steve...you know there are many i know that do not allow their disability to interfere in the quality of their life...and they inspire me...

  2. Really? That is pretty cool, Steve.

  3. Your father lived his life at peace with God and himself. Very few of us do. We're asking why this,and why that.
    My Dad would have understood yours. They shared a common platform. I never stop wondering about how much he taught me not through words, but through his life.

    You solved the enigma, how they managed to do that;

    "Once he realized
    God did not punish
    but simply
    assigned a role,
    all he had to do
    was play the part."


  4. I love it ~

    These lines are the best for me:

    "Once he realized
    God did not punish
    but simply
    assigned a role,
    all he had to do
    was play the part."

  5. This is gorgeous, Steve. Love this...First he'd kneel.
    After, he'd heal.
    His smile was forever.....so lucky and blessed to have him. A beautiful tribute, my friend.

  6. Steve I'm so glad you wrote about him
    I know there is more for your grandkids to enjoy
    Hugs my friend hope all is well

    Happy Thanksgiving

  7. Its very interesting verse played on .. my emotions...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  8. Wow! that is very cool- thanks for sharing. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. Steve, what an absolutely beautiful tribute to your father. And, obviously, such a gift He gave you.

    "Once he realized
    God did not punish
    but simply
    assigned a role,
    all he had to do
    was play the part."

    Such an inspiring line. Thank you so much for your insight and sharing.
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  10. How very inspiring, Steve. Sounds like a great man

  11. A great tribute to your father. I am glad that he lived such a full life. Farm life is good but hard work. Happy Thanksgiving to you and PG.

  12. giving many thanks for you.... blessings this day!
    much lovexox

  13. dats a strong daddy :)
    proud son :)

    and strong too;)

    and i must sound repetitve if i say that the verses quoted by so many above are also my favourite.... :)
    simply love it..
    like magpietales told it's very inspiring :)

    i read ur poem on my cel and my hands were itching to say how much i liked it.. but you know you have this pop out window for ur comment box..... it's like the most impossible thing for my network here.... :(
    finally am getting to comment....

    i has a happy young man!!! really happy :)

  14. How inspiring.. a great role model for his poetic son.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog.

  15. lovely post, nicely framed :)


  16. I could not wait to finish reading the poem to find out who this magnificent human being you were writing about. How glorious is your dad!

    Well done.

    As for you. I have something for you on my blog. :)

  17. How beautifully you honor your father, Steve.