Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


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Arrogant, rude, selfish,
of no account..
I know him like bad dreams.
Whoever he meets 
wishing himself to mount
highest in their esteem.

(inspired by one other
he hated her
who created him
yes, his mother!)

HE, FULL of him,
he pictures himself
Santa's main man--

endears HIM to
others, collecting
thinking he
so big.
And what he is
but a pig

In terms terse
He hates
whole Universe.

fancies being
savior of Peeps.

Full of crass--
His raving
not his soul
nor his ass.

Arrogant, selfish,
a non-account..
How is it
I know him well?
HE is ME!

Thanks to the program Alcoholics Anonymous,
which is teaching me to live and love
in a manner heretofore foreign to me.
And thank God Who showed this place
to ME...so HE
might teach me
to BE and LET BE!


Peeps, I just cannot keep up with my life as it has evolved--and also keep up this blog. So for about the 5th time, steveroni is bowing out. I will be on Face Book, unless I choke on that as well--

Comments will be open for some days and then closed. The blog will stay up here as Fourth Dimension, until I return--no, I'm not sick, nor in prison. I have made this blog a load I cannot carry for now. My interest is in learning html, maybe other coding as well. And Website work, and it is this study paves the road I'm traveling.

I LOVE YOU ALL, HAVE LOVED YOU ALL! My heart is sorry, because every one of you bloggers have meant so much to my growth these four-plus years. May God be good to each--wishing I could name names now, but it would read like the "begets" in the old Book!

Steve E

A friend suggested to TURN ON comments.
All know that I follow directions--well SOMETIMES!
Comments WILL receive a response.


  1. Ah good for you! I, on the other hand deleted my facebook account, all of it. Gone. Bye bye. I feel so free! Good luck, Steve!

    1. Thank you, my good friend for understanding well.

  2. trevl light brother..and i hope that the day comes that you return...wont be able to see you on facebook as i swore that off several years ago and will not be returning there..you are more than a pig man, just saying...but i understand...if you are not back by then, you have my phone number, call me...you always have a place to stay...

  3. Wishing you well, Steve ... I'm not on facebook, but we'll stay connected in spirit. Thank you so much for this blog ... so far ... who knows, you might be back ... hopefully. Love, cat.

  4. Well I sent you my email before and maybe it got dumped in your junk pile, cause you never wrote back. I do facebook mostly for my family sake(that and animals/nature). But I don't link it here. Best wishes, I was hoping to meet you in Florida someday even hit a mtg.on the beach sounds great to me!

    1. ALWAYS respond to email--so, I never received it. SO sorry. I use FB mailny for AA Peeps, most of whom are local, because with nearly 300 meetings each week here now (when I started there were four each week!), I do mis so many friends. FB is good way to just keep in touch.

      I cannot tell you how much sacrifice it is for me to give up corresponding with LOTS of Peeps on the blogs. I never was, and still not--good at "LETTING GO"!

      fiddlemn@naples.net is only one which is working, since I switched recently to an iPad...lots of email stuff gone heywire!

      PEACE, Izzy!

  5. Hey, I cannot add you on your Facebook page ... the Add button is not there.

    Below is my page:


    1. I will try after a bit...yesss, we could even chat sometime. Do you skype?

    2. Well, now we are connected Mr Calcutta....Thank you for wanting to be Facebook friends.

  6. Good luck Steve ~ Be well and have a lovely holiday ~

    1. Thanks...'twill be "heavenly"...to say the most!

      YOU TOO, Grace!

  7. hey i'm gonna miss you...good that we can still connect via FB thought..hope that life calms down a bit soon and you can soon return to the poetry blogworld..smiles

    1. Claudia you are so nice to comment like that.
      Thank you.

  8. Oh, Steve... you will be missed but I totally understand. Too much on one plate is not good. I will keep up with you on FB and I hope you do the same. Blessings to you for a Merry Christmas!

    1. That's RIGHT! We DO meet there on occasion. Wonderful!

  9. Wow! Very nice! I especially loved "I know him like bad dreams"! And so brave! Bravo, Steve!

    1. Thank you Jenny...hope to see you back "here" some day.

  10. Steve, I do understand....and empathize! Look for me on Facebook if you wish. And maybe you will be back?

    1. Will try to find you on FB...I believe there is another Mary on there. I'll simply try them both--while grinning!
      PEACE, Mary

  11. Travel light, may love and Peace be your companions. I will see you on Facebook. I hope you feel better soon.

    1. Yup, Ayala, "Love and PEACE" have been hovering about me for a "Blong" time now. See you there, Friend.

      Oh! Hey, I feel FINE. I might have mislead you to believe otherwise. Just plumb wore out! Cutting out a couple things, and bringing in a couple, work which I absolutely LOVE.


  12. I'll miss you. I'll miss you when you are away, I miss you when I am away. This is my story of the blogworld. I'll miss you Steve, the camaraderie is dimmed a little.

    1. AWWW! Lisa, you make me happy-and-sad, but there is more to come on your blog-dinner plate.

      Remember this: WHATEVER you sincerely seek--you have already found!

      PEACE to you and your Peeps, and Merry Christmas!

  13. Great post to finish with Steve. Good luck with all your endeavors, may joy fill your path!

  14. I enjoy that I did "She" and you did "He" this week. Glad to be in happenstance with you. Several years ago when I woke up I was in a battle with my "he" or my egoic self ..along the way I learned I couldn't treat it like a fight, he was me and I was many other things that felt better too. Loving it set it free to be silent and I was finally able to feel what I needed to for my journey. I wish you the best on yours. Send peace and love ~ Rose

  15. Funny, how so many times in life I am my own WORST enemy. Should it not be the opposite--like, "best friend"?

    Yesss, we all on a journey--again, funny, to me--no matter which road we travel, we all have more or less the same goal.
    PEACE and JOY on your road, C Rose!

  16. I was wondering who is he..and then you came in the limelight! But that he doesn't even look like you at present. Change is good.
    Nice decision you took, coding is an interesting stuff. Good luck with that, but I would miss reading your posts, I am sending you a request on fb. Hope to see you there :)

  17. bless you steve on your life's journey, wherever it takes you.

    1. Actually, it IS the journey which is necessary, sometimes difficult, most often crowded with fulfilling activities, FUN, happy days, and PEACE!

      The goal will be there...when we get there, dependent on the strength of our desire, I guess.

      Also, Pride v/s Humility "Creeps in this petty pace from day to day...To the last syllable of recorded time;" (These are BIG!)

  18. I am sorry to see another sweet blogger go to FB.. I am rarely there, planning to close it someday- fa ebook.com/ coyotemoonstudio is me but I have never been able to friend you! :(

    peace my friend ... many blessings and lovexox

    1. Gotcha on FB...finally! How do YOU have
      time for everything--and a "farm girl" at that.

      See ya on the "other side", Linda (FB)...

  19. Take and all the best sometimes you have to lay things down and choose for sanity's sake so go to it and thoughts go with you

  20. I have taken a break from reading and now that I return you leave...is it something I said? jk.
    Why not keep it open and just return to it whenever you want? I have and it has worked for me, it might not work for you. I wrote 3 or 4 times a week and now I can only find time for one day a week and sometimes more infrequent. You'll lose some readers, but we write for ourselves. Give that some thought, Steve.

    1. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear? YOU have appeared with very specifically, the problem AND solution.

      Problem: trying to be a "poet" when I really ain't. And write what I THINK others would read. And read and comment everywhere, offering unasked-for advice randomly. Whew"

      Solution: You spelled that out also, Myriam. You give me such fine gift, and all I can do is wite a sincere "Thank You!" Also one day in month or so, I can start back, writing on familiar topics, and for me...NOT the world--grin!

      LOVE, PEACE, and JOY always from a healing

  21. Well I tried your email again! no reply- Do not know how else to fix that- can try
    Facebook I suppose...

  22. hope you had a very merry christmas man...2013 i think will be a good year for sure...happy new year as well to you and your wonderful wife...so she coming with you this time in may?

    1. Yup. Still alive! Just a reminder that:
      Violin coming your way
      Whatever you want it to play
      around 25th, 26th of May
      ...like a Sat or Sunday?

      This is def in my bucket, Buddy!

  23. Find your peace, Steve, I understand how we can create our own burdens and how the time comes to shuck some. I will see you around *hug*