Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, January 28, 2013


Decided to jump in, drop a few lines, 
visit a bit with my friends at dVerse. 
Open Link Night begins Tuesday at 
3:00 PM Eastern right HERE 

Backyard shot of Moon peeking through
trees and silver clouds January 28, 2013


Prior to now
existed void
in me; in all
I knew...or not,
it seems.

Several lives I've lived
without living.
Mucho dinero tossed aside
without giving;
Only unloving drunken schemes.

Life began to stir...I say
"Oh God!" it took years
to boil, bake and cook away
hundreds and more fears,
extremist esteems...

Then, ahhh! The experience
breathing, feeling, living.
Risks? Well damn!
Changed name to Sam,
moved in new regimes.

Twenty-seven thousand hours
lived in this sweetest,
wonderful world: M.E. and D.D.
private, secret universe;
dreamers and dreams.

Country, family,
jobs, friends, life
traded as trivium,
for finding truest love
ever imagined of me.

By God's design
became yours
and you...mine!
Love--no words describe.
Most hoped: just to perceive.

Unknown, unforeseen
those several years
of large, of lean,
much laughter, tears
mingled into one WE!

Where from here?
Next? there? Maybe
simply pass on, knowing
this, and not much more:
there IS a God. See?

And we ain't He!



  1. there is a god and we aint he...and we never know when it might come we will draw our last breathe...i am glad you found your way, even if it took you 75 years...smiles...and found your way to us as well...its great to see you brother...you are missed...

  2. got a new phone number as well...will text you tomorrow with it...

  3. so good to see you steve...we aint he...so true..and i'm glad in a way as well that we don't know what awaits us round the corner.. he leads a good way...a big hug and blessings your way friend...smiles

  4. Wow. We aint he. That is one of the amazing thought.
    "Where from here?
    Next? there? Maybe
    simply pass on, knowing
    this, and not much more:
    there IS a God. See?" these questions are just so true. I feel life is nothing but questions.

    It feels good to see you here, was missing your posts!

    1. Life IS questions. Then at some point (I have not found it yet!) we settle back, realizing we were not made to "know" things.

  5. Amazing to have you back with a bang :-)

  6. Never too late to start living...we ain't He...amen!

  7. Dear Stevie,
    I'm happy to read this stunning testimony.
    You're looking your past in the eyes and turn your back, welcoming the present.
    We aren't allowed to know about the future, but we need to know where we are.
    And what a strength to know, God is.
    Just yesterday I wonder where and how you were.
    You are a poet, conscious and enjoying your many skills with your special person.
    That is a life fulfilled.

  8. There is hope for us all. Thank you!


    Mark Butkus

  9. We learn through our mistakes...and I am happy you found your way and the life you want to live. Good to have you back. Love and Peace. :)

  10. So many blessings to be thankful for ~ Good to see you Steve ~ Hope you are well ~

  11. WoW! It sounds like you've really lived! Good work!

    Mine’s HERE

    1. Yup. Really "lived!" No regrets...because I try to NOT look back too far!

  12. Wonderful rebirth. k.

  13. Gosh, you don't look or act 75yrs.. so does that make you feel good. I hope so.
    Yes as we get older, hopefully we have learned many lessons. You put it beautifully.. A big hug from me to you.

    1. Actually Mary, my 80th birthday is this coming May. However, I recently changed my birthday...so I will be 50. It just seemed the right thing to do. HAHAHAHA!

      My current Profile photo is 10 years old 2002, just to set that record straight. Thank you for visiting...AND FOR THE HUG! Love those!

  14. I knew you would speak to us again!

  15. So glad to see this, Steve. I've really missed you're positive poems!

    1. From YOU...a "real" poet...a big Thank You, Laurie!

  16. Several lives I've lived without living... wow

  17. Well! check that out, you take a break and come back with this powerful piece! Well done and I am not talking about a steak. Yes, there is a God and we find God when we find that peaceful place within ourselves.

  18. Steve this was an amazing poem sir. Nicely done.

  19. Maestro, there is beautiful sincerity and soul in your words. I loved it! And your photo -- it looks like something Ces would draw, no? Hope you are having the most splendid weekend!

    1. Bella! It so good of you to come here and comment. At one point, I thought maybe I had sounded rude in commenting on your work(s). At the least like a Proud Egotist (withhaving nothing to be proud!)

      Thank you for your kind words...I thought that profile pic--of me--looked more like something YOU might have whipped out in about four minutes.
      Oly time Ces came close to drawing me was as Humpty-Dumpty, fiddling as he approached the fabled wall.

      Other time was as a Happy Hairless Baby...oh yeah, BALD!