Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Game of hearts?

Sixty-five years since I bought 
my first motor-bike...age 14

Hooked from the first.
Also hooked by my 14-year-old sweetheart,
who stood waiting for me one evening
under a light not so bright
Already late
First date.
NO! She did not "ride" with me. 
We rode the city bus 5¢.................


heart shaped
hung by string,
a way of life
for everything

bleeding, hoping,
loving, waiting.
One day,
all so clearly clear;
can see and be seen
by even you, my dear

leaning against 
dimly lit lampost
--no moon this night
shadows moving
in the way they do
looking for ghost to
jump out--say "BOO!"

You glance but don't shout
as each tiny four-to-six-booted creature
bandies about those heels so tall.
wishing somehow
those heels 
were wheels


"is it my...YES!
He's my biker-guy!".....

The Universe still complete
hearts persistent will beat
as all continues
and would
and should




  1. by the heart is a great way to live life...so did you know your wife at 14? i did not remember that bit of your story...a 5 dent bus ride was probably fun as well...keep that persistant heart man...

    my son has a pair of shoes with wheels in them...they call them healies...one wheel tucked int he tread in the back but if you balance you can really go...got em at a yard sale for $1.50...woot...

    was just looking at a pic of you the other day and remembering our time together...smiles.

    1. We plan to re-visit, Anna also...I think often--yes, OFTEN--of the university there, what a comfortable city where you live and what lovely Peeps you are, taking time out for me. Not on bike next time :-( but que sera)....

  2. You looks so handsome in the picture Steve, no wonder your wife to be was, and is still smitten ~ Smiles ~

    Happy to read your words today ~

    Have a good week ~

    1. Thank you for "heavenly" remarks, Grace (Hope I got your name correct this time--grin!)

      Met present wife Anna 20 years ago. Poem references lots of life...

  3. This is so full of love ... and lovely photograph Steve :-)

  4. Thank you, GS. I'll be over there, it is 1:30 AM and I should be somewhere else at this time! (sigh!)

  5. It is so wrong to say you were handsome.

    You are too.

    1. Thanks, but I wouldn't know about that. I never "use" a mirror. When by chance I happen to see my reflection, I say (to myself!) "Who IS that?"

      When we reach a certain age, handsome--or not--HAS to be somewhere inside. My opinion.

      PEACE Rainman...

  6. Lovely poem ... thank you, Steve ... be well, eh ... Greetings, cat.

  7. Happy winter holiday to YOU, Cat! Wherever you are, be warm, happy, joyful,,,and WARM! (See how I am?--grin!)
    Thanks for comment.

  8. Thank you Steve for the quote - but I dont write in that blog anymore - could you just attribute it to www.raajii.blogspot.com? Thank you!

  9. Handsome as ever Steve
    a sweet first romance memory
    enjoy the memories

  10. Enjoying the memories. Thanks, Leslie
    And (psssttt) stll "making" memories, never stopped. Love Living, Ma'am!

    Thanks for dropping in tonight!

  11. Gosh, and I cringe every time my 28-year-old talks about buying a bike...but you're still on one after 65 years....they scare the heck out of me ( nurse that I am ). Your poem is wonderful and you were/are so handsome.

    1. Hey Nurse, thanks for the "scare"!!!

      What scares me, is washing windows on the 98th floor--outside. (No I never did it!

      Each Microbe and Bacillus
      Have a different way to kill us....


  12. smiles...that made me think of when i bought my first car...an egg dott yellow vw beegle...oh my...that was a special "relationship"... thanks for sharing a bit of your HisStory with us..smiles

    1. Older we get, the more HisStory we accumulate, maybe! I LOVED my first VW Beetle--WHITE...no dots. One month old and I totaled it, broke my wrist, was all. Year 1958.

      YELLOW is now my favorite color for vehicles.....
      Thanks, Claudia.

  13. Loved the screeeeech! Are you really 79 years old?

  14. Larry Van here, your old biker buddy. Got my motor at 13 and Bill Elsaesser Sr. helped my dad install it on my bike. Got arrested at 13 for driving without a license. Had to wait till I was 14 to get a restricted license. The fun days.

    1. I remember your "motor"...and that's around the time I got mine, give-or-take a year. Yes, the FUN DAZE. And my days are STILL fun, more than ever--clean and sober man...March 18 will be 39 years.
      UNIMAGINABLE, right?
      Any time someone wants to know, "Just what IS a miracle"...tell them to ask ME!

      Nice to see you here--didn't know anyone from Cincinnati still hovers around these blogs!
      Love and PEACE, Larry!