Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Monday, October 1, 2012


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Believe this--I know nothing about many things.
Even don't know when the clapper claps
if the bell sounds, resounds, sings, rings.

Whether heaven is or ain't
or whether any such Peep
named sinner...or saint, is
not necessarily the point.

Neither here nor there (or
maybe IS there and here?)

The artist* is much like (unto) God.
Talented, creates her Peeps,
places them in desired location,
land and seascapes, village, nation,
emanating from erupting soul, her love.
Now...is that not like her God above?
Trees, breeze, leaves, created
with pen(s), ink(s) and blank sheets

Girl climbs mountain thousand miles away,
violinist plays tunes--glad, sad songs.
Tunes at distant tombs, plays them today
and through all of earth-giving/// BONG!...BONG!
(Not sure. Was a clapper clapping?
Was a bell ringing?)
ALARM CLOCK!!! Sheeesh.

Are heavenly Peeps singing, laughing? If
relatives watching, what FUN must they enjoy.
"See? Steve is riding that scooter on Tamiami Trail!"
Five uncles and One aunt,
wishing to ride--but can't.

Are dozens of my sainted cousins
feeling Burt's softness?
Kitty-cat, five inches long,
rescued 15 years before
from under wood pile next door
one cold, rainy and dark December night...

Souls living in complete, perfect happiness:
When I lie down in bed,
kitty wrapped around my head
purring, nuzzling neck, licking face--hmmmm!.

As those saints look earthward and see
do they ever wish that, for just a moment,
they were me?
Probably not!--grin!

But I can only think in humor human,
smiling during reveries such as these.

Steve E  (aka steveroni)


  1. you're an ole softie, aren't ya!

    1. Ver, didja HAVE to write that word?

      O L D !!!!!!!


    2. i dind't say 'old', i said 'ole'!!!! *hug*

    3. Walk toward you with "ole softie" head hung low as I bring apology to you, Ma'am. Humbly, of course!

      Sumer iss icomin inn?

  2. why not wish they were you you know...you live and enjoy life brother and who would not want that...no matter where you ride....ha, saved from a woodpile...my oldest cat who looks a bit like that was saved from a woodpile as well...

  3. Well,I like art and cats! Don't know much about heaven-
    enjoy bells, (lower tones) Smiles and laughter are great- thanks-

    1. I think (agree!) nobody know anything really about heaven, Izzy. But in poetic reverie (?!) I have fun fantasizing about it.
      Bye, for now.

  4. Love the photo and the philosphy.

  5. Me too know nothing more than what have happened.

    And people said this as learning from mistakes.

  6. Oooh! i read the title as RAMONES!!! Hahaha!

    1. Need GLASSES, oh guru of squiggling, drawing, painting, writing, nursing?
      Oh, nurturer of family and friends--tell us, WHO is this Ramones? Hmmmmmm?

  7. ha i bet they have scooters in heaven as well...or something way, way better...smiles

  8. this is excellent, loved the voice in this, very skilled. i think i need to stick around and red more of your work.

  9. Sweet, Steve. Peace and Love to you.

  10. Hahahahaha..... I think the saints do sometimes miss the old life..... :)