Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

href, href, href...clearing my throat!


"Brrrrrrrr" means shiver and shake
"Poppies" means...pretty flowers?--grin!
"Href, href, href" means clearing my throat!
"Tuesday" means it is time to write something--ANYTHING!

So (href, href, href) Last Thursday I was chairing an AA meeting, and while putting a topic on the table, someone from behind shook my shoulders, made me spill coffee, and jarred me a bit.

His Voice behind me, in a whisper:
"I've got a liver--I've got a liver!"
(With a transplanted liver
he'd begin to plan, work, play, live!

The metabolic alcoholic,
(who I 'sponsor' in AA)
with nervous shout, ran out
hitting the floor, and through the door..

At the explanatory announcement,
the group of eighty-five alcoholic* Peeps
lauded...applauded, in bursting sentiment!

"Liver-Man" heard this energy from outside
as the eighty-five--hearts opened wide--
sent their group-conscious spirit and well wishes
after him...to meet him...

On the third day he walked, talked,
felt so good. He confided in me:
"I could hear my group, my friends,
cheering and (href, href, href) while clearing
my throat ...and eyes,
suddenly realized...
I felt Less

All which was left was LOVE, PEACE,
FAITH and TRUST--in my Higher Power,
My God, as He expressed himself through
all those Peeps that day."

--Steve E (aka steveroni)

*recovering alcoholic Peeps 

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field of poppies in Early Dawn
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  1. yay! good to see you brother...and what a story as well..a new lease on life for the liver man...good news is a good thing....

  2. Good news for Liver Man. I love stories with a happy ending.

  3. That's really great ... a happy one :-)

  4. oh wow...so happy for him...and great to see you steve..

  5. Awesome! What a fantastic tale to tell...and the good you do deserves a super special virtual standing ovation...oh, if you could see me now ;) Wonderful weave for OpenLinkNight

  6. A remarkable story... glad he got a liver before it was too late and I hope he takes care of it.

  7. Thanlk you Steve for the lovely poem. It truly speaks of the truth of the work of out God. Thanks to Everyone for their kind prayers and wishes.

  8. Second chances are the best. I'm so happy for Liver Man and I'm a sucker for happy endings. Thanks, Steveroni! :-)

  9. i'm glad it worked out for him. some things are meant to be, right? right!

  10. A fresh opportunity at life, on both fronts! Great story Steve!

  11. Stories like this keep us on and enable us to be grateful.

    Joy always,

  12. Wow ! Thanks for a great poem/story!!! - hrum, hrum, ( that is me clearing my throat)Miracles are much needed up here- prayers for direction at least. Our noon time mtg. is struggling. We get sent beginners from court ( down street) and hospital (around corner) The Church itself is closing.... Have a great week!

  13. What an amazingly beautiful story!

  14. It is so good to hear your story again.

    In fact, this is a good one.

  15. So this is what you were talking about! So great. God is really amazing! You are a true friend and mentor.

  16. Second chance for the liver-man. Hopefully through prayer and his "peeps", he will honor that chance

  17. Ha! Now that was not what I was expectIng when I saw the title. Wow, that is joyous news! Beautifully written.

    Thanks for sharing!