Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, July 6, 2012


 Early this morning I had asked a guy who was celebrating his birthday # 80, what he does all day. "Oh...I sleep, watch TV, eat, read the paper, take a shower, go to bed."

So I determined to keep a record of my own activities this Friday morning July 6, 2012. Thank you for reading.


Up at 5:30 AM, to do the morning stuff--you'll have to trust me here--grin!--which includes meditation and prayer. Participation at 7 AM in a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous is important to me. This is one of the places we gather daily in Naples, Florida.

Visited the gym (Crunch) where I was a member. This was my last morning there, since Anna is taking over my membership. (Taking a "medical" leave, I told them--grin!) This photo is about one eighth of the whole workout floor. I will miss it. Peeps there are SO nice!

Could not resist a shot of this 2013 'Vette outside the gym. A LOVELY and WORTHILY spent $60,000 plus. She IS pretty. And a 'handicap' card hanging on the rear vision mirror. Talked with the owner. I believe he hurt his pinkie finger catching a football in the Super Bowl last February

AHHHH, a visit to STARBUCKS. I believe there is one of these stores on Antarctica--long way to go for a "Black-Eye" (coffee with double shot of espresso), my "Drug-of-Choice!"


 Oooops! I forgot to mention, "Black-Eye" is always best with an Apple Fritter, or some such Sweeter thingy. Ummmmmmm! Oh well, I can always cur back yard growth:

This pile of unwanted yard material had to be ready for the County Disposal Department before tonight (Friday). They pick up only what is neatly placed in plastic containers. Another four cans full for next week...

Since I opted out of the gym facility, it was time this morning to pump up the tires on my bicycle, and get

"...ready to ride and spread the alarm
to every middlesex village and farm..."

(and Steve has gone 'bats in his belfry'
where lanterns had shone their light.)
"One if by land, and two if by sea--
I on the opposite shore will be..."

(Partly used are words from Longfellow
"The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere") 

Of course, Peeps...a healthy amount of time is spent daily reading some blog posts, commenting, Face-Booking. I get about 4 hours of sleep every night, nap (siesta in Mexico!) in afternoon, a habit I picked up about two years ago. And play violin, rehearsal and job every week, plus other. And I'm learning (classes) to be a webmaster. Next year I'll be 80--am I supposed to read paper, watch TV, sit around in back yard all day? Maybe! I'll letcha know!
Meanwhile. LOVE and PEACE are from


  1. APPLE FRITTERS!!!! My favorite!

    Steve, that is so cool that you're going back to school to be a Webmaster. What a perfect job for you. Or is it hobby?

    1. Fir our AA Intergroup--volunteer AND hobby...and COULD turn into a job, since I positively LOVE this kind of thing! LOVE your upbeat comment!

  2. Steve!! I didnt know your age!! that explains all your knowledge! Im really glad of "meeting" you, you know it, dont you? And yes, I use your experiences and your advices for redirect my life =). Nice post man!! It has been a pleasure to share one day of your life =) And I dont really imagine you reading papers, watching Tv and sat around in back yard all day...you are very young inside to do that stuff. lot of hugs!! and thank you for being always there!

    1. Wow! I will sleep good tonight!
      TWO sweet Peeps commenting right away,
      in such supportive fashion.
      I have a happy!

  3. smiles...glad you hit the gym before that apple fritter you know...kinda balance things out...smiles...went bike riding today with my son too....thanks for spending the day with us....and will have to try that black eye this weekend...

    1. About that Black Eye...be sure to leave room for cream!

      And Brian, NO--Black Eye is NOT when
      apple fritter hits you in the eye--grin!

      That's RED EYE, one shot espresso!

  4. G'Day Steve, well you do spend a busy day.. as we age we slow down some, or rather hubby and I have. I love the corvette and cakes plus coffee at Starbucks.Take care and keep well.

    1. Mary, you named the
      "BEST parts of the day"
      Actually all the parts
      of the days are BEST!!!

  5. Though I am "younger" than you, but I really feel very young inside to do that stuff by that time.

    I love to read your stuff, and take more time than the paper.

    1. I LOVE my following of 'young' Peeps!
      Glad YOU are here too, though!--grin!!!!LOL!

  6. (I got cut off sorry- all of a sudden what I am writing =Gone!)
    We don't have Starbucks in ruriland- only Boston, possibly Worcester/Springfield.
    Black eye plus 2 huh? Ok. We have Gyms. Me-? Gonna stay trying to ride my bucking bronco- (yesterday he was the Scooter!) It has been tough with humidity. So nice to get a glimpse of your Mtg. house; I hear the format is different your way- (Meat and potato's the same) What in He-- is a Webmaster ? (I can barely type.)

    1. WEBMASTER: BIG spider!

      Actually, one who administers web pages for others (or yourself, I guess?) is a webmaster. SOMETIMES more WEB than MASTER--grin!

      Don't know that format is different really--but DO know that it makes no difference.
      PEACE, Izzy!

  7. that's quite a healthy and active routine! kudos!

    1. Oh...Yuvika, I am SO FAR behind in house and yard maintenance.
      And even when I do things all alone, they still cost M O N E Y !!!!
      Not complaining. Me happy Peep!
      I enjoy your blog.

  8. Good for you on staying busy. It keeps me out of trouble. I hope to still be busy when I am 80.

    1. Yes Syd...I see folks around me needlessly withering--before their 'time'. It is painful to watch, but as a rule, desire and will are diminished.
      Thanks for coming over here.

  9. Replies
    1. Yup Jessie...ya got THAT right! All has
      boiled down to "...be of maximum service!"
      We keep trying.
      "...we tried to carry this message..."
      to ALL Peeps everywhere!
      Blessings to you and yours Peeps.

  10. To each his own, but I like your style. I think it will keep you seeing more and more birthdays.