Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Thursday, July 12, 2012



 My AA District 20 is hosting a South Florida 
Area Assembly of 500-700 Peeps from
South Florida. I'm one of 40 "Greeters", 
more excited about this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 
than anything the past 38 years!

(Shhh! I even get to 'chair' an Early Bird AA meeting
Saturday at 7 AM.) That means it might be lonely.
I will report to you Peeps how that went.
So maybe I can fake a little humility--grin!

Following note written to good friend, on a whim.
Called inspiration...or name it
"Let sleeping pigeons snore!"
Steve does what Steve does--grin!


sam, i pray...in every way, that you OK!
sometimes when it rain
i drop through pipe-drain
making--i tell you--a smelly day

rather than isolate or pout
i know now there's a way out
which comes not through steeple,
but from God, through people.

planted in me is that seed
which grows, with God-Feed,
into unique weed or reed...
always have just what i need.

volunteer daily now, and try
to be the greatest greeter:
no more sit waiting. Now out I cry 
"come with me, and meet Her--

the God of my understanding.
come now, vow with purpose
to be of maximum service
arrive where i've made landing

in universe of unknown peace,
happiness and JOY (no matter what!)
with no payment nor lease, ever--but
of maximum service, so being..."

in this land
of God and man

'...do not be discouraged.
we are not saints,
but are willing to grow
along spiritual lines..."
--ref: page 60, book "Alcoholics Anonymous"


  1. smiles...kinda glad we dont have to be saints...i hope this weekend goes well for you...i dont know if i can think of anyone else i would want more as my greeter....smiles...and i am sure you will chair just as well...so lead the way, i would like to me HEr...ok, so maybe i have already but...smiles...

    1. Ya know, Brian. this is a fine way to live life--with smiles so
      genuine. As greeter I merely wish to welcome God into all our lives.
      (Ooooh Steve. So serious--smile!)

  2. Oh how exciting for you. What a fun thing that would be to greet people. I adore the photograph above. The sheep follows the shepherd even though there are no sheepdogs to nudge them.

  3. Skye!
    Don't believe
    that we've

    Thought SKYE was a new "social website"...
    And found out it IS--grin!

    Can't wait to get you onto my sidebar--
    don't want to miss a thing from your pen,
    brush, key board, camera. And you a POET???
    I'm gonna turn in my computer and stay with the
    violin...but not yet. SEE?
    Cause I'm just a little (VERY tiny) like

  4. Steeeeve! I'm back! :) well not quite funny poetic man. :) I just wanted to thank you for your funny messages that made me chuckle you know, the i deleted this It was me or not knowing where to write the comment. :) It was those little things that made me smile during my loss. But I'm finding myself everyday the more and for now I'll be reading, reading and you know more reading :O until I can write more pieces, though i did write a new one. Missed your corkiness! :)

    1. Dear Ms Ellie King.

      Corkiness? CORKINESS???
      You MUST have the wrong "Steve"--grin!!!!

      However, it been a long time since I smelled a cork...
      seems I had run out of wine about 4 AM.
      All I had left was the cork, tried to suck on it,
      but the smell was all I ever got.
      You are now listed among those blogs I Follow in my sidebar.

      (I'm kidding--I'm honored to have your blog handy to reach!)
      Thank for comment. Welcome back!
      I'm sad for your unimaginable loss.

  5. We are not saint, though always pretend to be.

    But as time passes, we are nearer.

    Gap is going to be smaller.

    1. Maybe pretending will help? It does in some Depression situations:
      "...Act out the symptoms of radiant happiness,
      and my depression will diminish, maybe uninstall itself!

  6. Oh I know you'll have fun and get so much from your participation in the action!
    So much fun!

    1. Yep, Jess--you've BEEN there, DONE that!
      This is our (new) District 20's FIRST!
      Our anniversary as a district falls
      right smack during our hosting.

      Sometime in August is "Bike Trip time"!
      Have to talk, find out if you yet have a schedule.
      I pray that you do, that it's a VERY satisfactory job,
      and that it's boasting employee medical insurance!

  7. Have a great time! I have to show up for a commitment myself on Sunday- :)

    1. Isn't it wonderful (as in 'full of wonder'!) what a commitment
      does for us? Frequently, when 'working with' a guy, I become so focused, that TIME has no meaning. The whole Universe is boiled down to only two Peeps!

  8. I actually have 2 saints living with me, Steve! My boys' birthdays are St. Valentines Day and Saint Andrew's Day! LoL. Good luck and have a fun weekend!

    1. Thanks. Truckloads of fun and sharing in my head and in my heart.

      (So your 'saints' were BORN, not MADE!)

  9. Thinking of you now, and praying that this must turn into a most wonderful and uplifting meeting. Working relentlessly for so many years you sure need some encouragement for what you have committed yourself for.
    Bless you, Steve E.

    1. Wonderful and long weekend, the kind ya remember!