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Then it took away the sky....

Tuesday, May 19, 2015



by Anthony De Mello is less about acquiring, more about "letting go", ALL about love. Several of us meet each Tuesday or Wednesday at Starbucks for a read-and-study session of this wisdom of “Letting Go”.

I love what this book has taught me and others, defining what love IS and what it is NOT. And OH! How wrong I--and others-- have been! In fact, I SO believe in the message this small book contains, that I keep two of them (new) in my bike trunk for many months. (SOME day, I'll be inspired to bestow ownership on someone else.)

The scene this morning...We sit outside. I am the last one to leave our small group this morning about 9:15 AM. My bike starts nice, helmet on, ready to go....and a car pulls up RIGHT IN FRONT of me. Immediately I'm having bad thoughts, as a girl gets out of car to go into Starbucks, and she and the driver have me locked in the prison of a parking space. UGH!

What happens next, she walks in front of her car, and stoops down to pick up something, then walks over to me and hands me my treasured book, which I must have dropped--”The Way To Love”.

Only moments before we guys were reading in De Mello that, “...love is an attitude, a disposition (and) this kind of love radiates outward to the world of things—and persons.”

I wait for the “girl” and her companion to park and walk past my bike. I climb off and hand her a new, clean copy of the book. She seems overjoyed! We shall never cross paths again.

In closing this short story I MUST write, “There is NOTHING on earth which contributes more to a joyous heart than to have given a gift...anonymously.”

(I tried to relate this blip of a happening without pride, real or false. Hope it worked—I'll never know!)




  1. Nice day for you! Good turn around!

    1. Thanks, Mary Brown! These things happen with much more frequency than I'd write about, but now and then writing just seems the thing to do--to let everyone know www
      What a Wonderful World...www

  2. ... It worked, Steve ... love always works ... but so does ... enabling ... sooo, what do we learn from this? love him but do not enable his evil ways ... yes? ... Love, cat.

    1. Well, Cat...maybe YESSS, love him, but not to the point that he is responsible for your happiness--or you, HIS! Right? Living together in loving helpfulness is one thing. Living together in utter dependency is quite another, it can lead to bad things, needful things--grin!

  3. Sounds like and intriguing books Steve. I will have to look it up on Amazon or at the bookstore and get my hands on a copy.

    Hey, I will be in Florida this year, just across the alley from you.

    1. Hey X...you are a real poet. Went to your blog...LOTS of followers, readers, commentators.

      Thought sure I gave you one of De Mello's books, I have six titles now (Yesss, I HAVE read them--grin!).

      I'll check you out when you arrive across the Alley. It will be easy to pick you out, b/c there are only sixteen millions people living in that corridor. Thanks for dropping in. Used to be favorite place of mine in 'nnati, the DO DROP INN. Then I found out there are 104,000 "Do Drop Inns" in the U.S. I'll NEVER be able to get to them all. HAHAHAHAH!

  4. A great story Steve and so true in relation to giving.

  5. That was an interesting story, Steve. One never knows when good things will happen so we must always be ready!! Love you. Suzie