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Thursday, May 21, 2015


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Now that it is Friday, I am particularly glad to be home, for it is my night to attend a small meeting at "detox". This is a locked area of room-and-board in Naples where people go to slowly have removed from their bodies whatever they were using to make themselves 'feel good' (Detoxification!).

Average stay is usually 4-6 days, and so if I see any of them more than once it would be at an AA meeting, or when I pick them up to go to a meeting. A guy asked me this morning (at 6:30 AM) "Why do you take meetings to Detox--after you've been sober 35 years?"

Good question! "I really don't know. I've stopped asking 'Why' about AA work. It's simpler to just do it, whatever it is."

(LATER, to myself) Wait! I DO know why I feel drawn to detox for a meeting. That is where it seems to begin, for some. For me, I need to observe that beginning stage of "soberism".  Many years of sobriety can create a tendency to become distant from "What it was like".

Sure, I attend usually two meetings a day, Big Book, Step, and Tradition meetings each week.  Even with some service work, I still find that NOTHING brings my chronic, fatal disease so close to home--to reality--as meeting those suffering their first days and nights in a Detox unit.

This is where the hair of the bow meets the violin strings. WITHOUT that 'meeting' there will be no music played. THAT'S why I feel blest to be allowed to share my Experience, Strength and Hope with newcomers.

At Detox tonight were 6 patients, and six of us from outside. Of the incarcerated six, two slept, one said he never had a drink in his liar--oops, I meant LIFE! And three seemed as if they thought we'd meet again.

After the meeting--outside--the six of us (I recall Megan and Alma and Jerry) shared another thought--we knew we had been where we were supposed to be for that hour tonight! Thank You, God. Thank you, AA. Thank you, Blogger Peeps!

In love and service,
Steve E


  1. Great insight! Thanks for sharing. Have a www day today!

  2. An inspiring and timeless post Steve

  3. Happy Birthday young man! I hope you and your wife have a lovely day...
    I am still alive.


  4. you're so blessed.. and a blessing to others as well steve

  5. Steve! We were blogging friends back in the day of my blog Ghost Moon and your blog of another name ~ which my memory fails to recall. Hmmm, a two month old post, does this mean you've given up blogging? I hope not. Keep up the great work and come on back to post again soon. Best of everything, always.

  6. "Many years of (anything) can create a tendency to become distant from 'What it was like'."
    How true that is. And when we do, we lose empathy for those walking the same path.
    Glad you remain present in your past.

    1. Thank you...good observation! It seems to work in almost any endeavor.