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Then it took away the sky....

Monday, October 13, 2014

Vivian Maier "A FANTASY" for Magpie 141

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"Not yet", said he--to the one named Vivian
who had just dis'barked her amphibian, 
(her private way to travel
without all the public babble.)

Inspector Maier, frequently called 
upon to investigate solutions of "the
insolvable" crimes, gathered evidence
through use of smoky mirrors.  Also a

Kodak Brownie, and strong reflecting light
completed her bag of tools.  
Set free to investigate and roam
She'd solve the crime--then rob the home.

A professional sleuth no longer...
Vivian Maier died a pauper.
Trapped by her own mirrors and light
Viv shot her last shot...gave up the fight.

NOTE: Suspecting Police 
had installed a Brownie 
behind each reflective glass
to catch this famous dowdy...



  1. haha

    Yes, but she was certainly a sleuth to be reckoned with in her day…

    Enjoyed this.


  2. Every time I write something on this blog I think, "NOBODY will like THIS."
    And then comes along....Thank you, Susan Anderson

  3. haha... you're cracking me up steve.. love me a good detective story you know...and if it involves amphibian travel - even better...smiles
    hey - rgd. your words over at my place - i do hope i'm gonna make it to florida one day - just to play a ping pong match with you.... smiles

  4. Oh my how clever! loved the 'BROWNIE" they were great- loved mine briefly.

    1. Izzy, tried your blog, but I already had seen your latest, around April 8, 2014.....
      (Just pushing couple buttons--grin!) :-)

  5. smiles...travel by amphibian...you might get there faster...especially if equipped with brownies...just saying...hey if you got brownies i might need to be a detective....oh wait you are talking about photographic equipment arent you...darn....

  6. ... brownies as in sweets as in cookies??? hmmm ... never liked sweets, always into salt ... but that's exactly what's needed in a good investigation team ... opposites work good together ... believe me ... even works for marriage ... Love, cat. ... (ps: too bad u not following me, as i'd like ur input, o well, meow ...) :)

  7. "Kodak brownie"....now that's the ticket.....love this Steve....a tale with a twist...thanks for making me smile...and wishing I had a brownie. :-))

  8. I love the way you add humor to your works ... awesome :-)

  9. Every time I write something on my blog I wonder whether someone will appreciate THIS.

    I like your homour. It inspires.

  10. Enjoyed it, hope you are A-OK!