Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Wednesday, October 1, 2014



Slowly you walk with old man,
in city where both live,
through greens and trees
in a park

Listen. Shhhhh. In breeze,
leaves, whispering 
accompaniment to lovely song
of a lark.

Sitting on wooden bench,
with ancient, trusty knife--
for just the two of you he
carves II...your mark.

Other things happen,
Hot dogs with relish, 
ice cream, chocolate.
Ah! A spark...

"Dear Madam, you have
made bright my day.
We walked, we talked,
you held this withered hand,
and now..........time 
to debark.
It is dark."



  1. smiles...sounds like you got time with a special person there in the park...
    and i love leaving marks like that which you can look back on...

  2. sounds like you had a lovely time in the park...such a peaceful and relaxed feel to this steve....

  3. To be there in the park sounds peaceful and meaningful until the last stanza. I felt real sad when reading it.
    Some familiar words from Ibsen´s Brand ( meaning Fire) came to mind. (Brand :) (pressing his hands to his breast :)

    Soul, be steadfast to the last !

    Vict'ry means the loss of all.

    AU of loss has made thy gain ; —

    Loss alone is owned forever."
    Go forewords into light.

  4. And who says we may not act like children, no matter our age?

  5. Steve you carry that youthful glow with you everywhere - the park, cyberspace.
    A fine reflection on relationships - ships that pass and make a momentary difference.
    Read this you were part of my blogging start (and a dear "ship") http://moondustwriter.com/2014/10/02/as-writers-why-do-we-blog-nationalpoetryday-5years-blogging-poetry/

  6. A park with a lovely person as company is always a great time :-)

  7. This is delightful, Steve. I'd love some of that ice cream and chocolate!

  8. What a charming romantic place the park can be you have captured that here Steve...and I am with Laurie I will have some of the ice cream and chocolate! :-)