Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


More about artist Ces Adorio. Ces and artist friend Bella each donated a gift of their art to blogger friends--who gave $25 or more to Red Cross for relief of Japanese who had suffered after the great Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011.  They raised thousands of dollars. What an honor it is for me to have use of their art for illustrating my blog now and then. They are each on my sidebar "Blogroll"...

Drawing by CES

Please scroll down to Part I if you have not read that. Thank you

The following took place 

three months before 
Hump had a great fall 
off that great wall.

TAKE  (Part II of "Give and TAKE)

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Giuseppi, who laid that linoleum checkerboard floor for that rich guy. Ever since then, I've coveted that pig standing on the floor under the painting. It was a hard job, the squares had to be laid exactly "just so". Had to pick up the pig's feet one-by-one. 

The guy--we called him "Earless Hump", remember?--couldn't hear a sound. Shaped like an egg, all dressed fit-to-kill, he played (of all things) the gol-danged fiddle, which sounded
--O GOD!
 I don't believe he even knew. But I knew I wanted that hog.

I knew robbing him would be easy, he was so stuck on himself--in his lonely, noiseless world. That night the moonshine spilled over from the painting (large as a window!). I climbed right into his home through that painting--

Well, things happened pretty fast then  (aren't you glad--grin!). A mouse on top of the picture frame spotted--and immediately fell in love with--a mouse on the floor. As the mice played, they scampered up his pant leg. He abruptly turned, caught me red-handed, pulled out a gun and fired.

Visitors who come by for concerts, make "sign" gestures with their hands and ALWAYS ask him about the man half in and half out of the painting--like a "remarque"--with a little blood-red ink on the frame.

--Steve E
September 2014


  1. eep....dont mess with another guys hog...
    that can be deadly....
    good on the mice...love can be hard to find so...

  2. Remarkable imagination, remarkable!

  3. oh i love the idea of entering through the painting...and now being stuck in it... think i find this pretty fascinating... if i can do anything to free you... just gimme a shout...smiles

  4. Hey Steve. Trying this from my phone.

  5. This is quite a story Steve and I am trying to imagine it with that picture imagery, smiles ~ Don't mess with anyone's hog then, ha ~

    Did I tell you I like your avatar by Claudia ~

    1. Oh, I'm just SO pleased she allowed it's use. I should dedicate a poem to her like y'all did a few days ago.

      Thanks for comin' by, Grace!

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG! What a wild imagination you have. I love it!!!!