Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Please say, "HE LED A COLORFUL LIFE"...

IMAGE: Photographer Marcy Purdy

Hans Christian Andersen

In the little town there is much festivity:
they are holding a wedding there with dance and play.
To the happy man, the wine sparkles so red;
but the bride looks like whitewashed death.

Yes, dead she is to him whom she cannot forget;
he is at the feast but not as the bridegroom.
He stands among the guests at the inn,
stroking his fiddle cheerily enough.

He strokes his fiddle, his hair turning grey.
The strings resound: shrill and loud;
he presses it to his heart, paying no heed
whether it breaks into a thousand pieces.

It is quite hideous when one dies this way,
his heart young and still striving for joy.
I cannot and will not watch any longer!
It will make my head spin.

Who are you, with your fingers pointing at me?
O God - graciously protect us
from the madness that may overwhelm us.
For I am myself a poor musician.



  1. i hope good sir that you still have plenty of time on this earth...
    and that i get one day to hear that fiddle again....

  2. Yup. ME TOO! You still considering an Orlando gig?

  3. What a wonderfully vibrant image and thought provoking words to go with it!

    1. Thanks, John..."viobrant" is the word I was seeking for that violin. It shall be its name!

  4. I appreciate your stopping by to comment. Let's hope that you have many more years left.

  5. The love of music never dies...

  6. And I hope you continue playing that colourful music Steve ~ Have a good week and take care ~

  7. I can see the fiddler,

    His side views are on the right and left of the violin.