Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, April 4, 2014

Awakening Day

Day had just awakened.
Darkness blinked once in
barely discerned burst of first-light
as it were--and I, being snapped
in flash-photo darkness.
Oh! The feeling...the sight!

Miles stretched each way
From proud, quiet bay
To immensity of sea.
THIS! for one alone--me

To muse of rose-strewn heavens
nature's aroma beautifully joined
with numbered thousands
splashing, silvered minnows

In silent awe
I saw a dolphin
followed by two,
rising, falling in unison
sliding under, above
Happy! Free!
Home: the sea

Absorbed totally, insanely,
bird-songs gently pierced
my acoustic nerves.
Sweetest melody (sigh)

Not red blood, but JOY
flowed through my veins
Into my heart--ecstasy!
No words to express

Porpoises had stage front
"Here we are. SEE?"
These happenings
in near-silence.

All this caught my attention, as
earliest sights and nature sounds
brought me to a great reality:

Today, I have not had a drink. 
Neither had I to think
about it.
Thus, another day,
another day awake!

Mine: in aquiescence,
wait for God's next move--
in my life...and yours!


Originally published in "steveroni" blog,
October 2010 as THE SEA...AND ME.
Now rewritten.


  1. Oh the joy.. I love the feeling that dolphins evoke.. I have only once seen them, but that was kayaking. and they were all around.. I can still feel my heart thumping with joy for that single occasion...

  2. the joy is palpable in this steve... i just so get the ecstasy in that close encounter with nature and everything seems just so right and perfect and totally satisfying...

    1. oh and it would've been wonderful if you and miri had been able to meet... i didn't know you live so close... a friendly face would've meant the world to her...

  3. The awakening to see the beautiful day, how wonderful to see the minnows and the dolphins ~

    There's gratitude and happiness here Steve ~ Have a lovely weekend ~

  4. it is nice to have those days when you dont even have to think of not needing a drink...
    i swam with porpoises once....saw the fins and thought i was dead
    glad it was not....so cool...big smiles brother...
    have a wonderful weekend

  5. Dolphins bring such joy and inner peace..I once was in the ocean and two
    swam by me about 5 feet away and I was in awe of their pure beauty..

    Peace & Light always my friend..

    1. I too, went swimming with a pod of dolphins, when we were becalmed in the middle of Gulf of Mexico one morning, stripped and jumped in, warm water 190 feet deep. And we could see far below us the young being guarded by a layer of adults...LOTS of them. Another layer of "teenagers" swam right with us, as though we were one of their school. I still remember that morning in amazement! WHAT A THRILL!

  6. I went came to your blog and took a trip to the sea!

  7. There is so much serenity in this, crowned by "today, I did not have a drink..." Yeah!

  8. I am glad you posted it again. I wasn't into blogging in 2010, having started just in 2012 :-)

  9. Ah! I saw a pod of dolphins in the ocean once. It was just once, but I thought it was like magic, and I have never been able to see another since. I must commend you on 40 years sober. That is a truly awesome accomplishment. Hope you are loving your weekend!

  10. You are definitely gifted.
    And it repeats.

  11. Great painting and words, Steve.

  12. Your opening imagery is stunning!

  13. What a great inspirational post Steve and a great image to begin with.

  14. Your words describe the meaning of loving life. Excellent magpie, and bravo for capturing, over ignoring, every precious moment.

  15. Beautiful...and always nice to see you at Magpie Tales, Steve...

  16. Steve, you're so so amazing ... you make words come alive ... truly, you're gifted .... I just LOOOOVVEEE reading you ... Keep smiling :)