Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, March 29, 2014

After this...THEN what?

At first I wanted to be
in the end,
a giant sequoia tree
a redwood

three thousand years
after dying
without pain or fears
to LIVE!

Naples is not the place
for timber
to grow tall with grace
so die again


Article concerns
an ecological urn 
in which to place my ashes

along with a seed (and stuff)
and with few if any complexity
use my body to grow a tree.

AHA! It's the Tamarind I love
and have
It started as a single cutting,
a stick
and in ten years became twice size
of house where we live.


OK! So the Tamarind Tree
is who I'll finally be
after life
after die
after fire...

30 March 2014

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  1. how cool.. i just love the idea of an ecological urn - and with my death help a tree to grow... that is a very beautiful thought... i have to check if that would be possible over here... germany is full of restrictions when it comes to burial...

  2. i read that article earlier this week...ha...hey if i get to be a tree then think of all the shade i can give....when dogs are no peeing on me....but think of the new life as a tree...i think it is a cool idea personally....hey if you want i can put you in my back yard and periodically water you steve....smiles.

  3. Shade is good or feeding perennials- what ever we end up doing after all this life... I guess the main this is we contribute to something!

  4. What a fascinating concept. An ecological urn. Never heard of this idea, but it makes sense. And a tamarind tree seems like a wonderful tree to become.

  5. I'm so happy to see you, Steve! This made me smile...

  6. I have not heard about this yet..but, it is a thought provoking idea..using your body to grow a tree..The Tamarind is a lovely one to be..standing tall for years and years to come..I like the thought of that..

  7. You go Steve - a quick route to being one with nature in the form of a tree. I would come and sing to your Naples tree...so beautiful there..when I go to Florida (kids in West Palm). :-)

  8. Oh what a great idea. I was trying to think which of my favorite trees I'd like to have my ashes mingle with, but this is even better. Wow!

  9. An interesting concept, this. Back to nature, so to speak. I like it!

  10. You grew a tamarind tree from a cutting?! I envy you so very much! Ah ashes perhaps but you will live in the hearts of who whom you touch, with your kindness, mine for one. Thank you for your time. I knew you will understand my poem. Tsup!

  11. Tamarind tree is a great choice indeed. What a nice concept, I like this one.

  12. Ashes to ashes.
    I just read an archived poem of mine and your comment was "same topic, same minds?"
    I come to your blog - we need to stop breathing the same air.

    1. Looks like we HAVE stopped breathing the same air--
      I went to your blog, and rcvd message "NO BLOGS"...

      Wots happenin' girl?

  13. Back to where we start from, isn't it? Life moves in circle after all :-)

    Beautifully written Steve, and thanks for your kind words on my blog. I feel blessed :-)

  14. Steveroni ... You're AH-mazing ... What a thought ... loved the construction and flow :) :)

  15. I love the concept, ashes to bring forth new life, seed into a tree ~ I can imagine your eyes twinkling from that tamarind tree ~ Good one Steve ~

  16. A wonderful aspiration which highlights the eternal nature of all things.

  17. Hello, my poetic wordsmith friend! Ever so thoughtful and wonderful. I had never heard of a bio urn before, but I think that is a fabulous idea! I should like to give life to a tree or a garden, feel the wind and sunshine. It's a beautiful option, better than spending eternity in a box.

  18. Great idea about having ashes become a tree. I think that I would like to be a live oak or a bald cypress.