Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Saturday, February 1, 2014



IT had been said of her
by those who had seen--
stay away from, steer clear
of lady draped in green.

In line, we; in front, she
--just another civilian who
stood there--vexed,
waiting to hear magic word,

Drug dealer (Walgreen pharmacist!)
finger-beckoned her
100 pounds of weighted bone,
four-feet-four tall, obvious narcissist

Floor-tiles shined where she walked,
all eyes tried to look away...
she and drug guy talked...talked
(this client will "make his day".)

"...but my insurance should cover..."

"Not quite, Ma'am, there's 21¢ left over."

"But--but that's not correct, it is..."

She'd fought for right until noon,
when an argument ensued
which was not to end soon.
Finally she said, "Screw YOU, Dude!"

Drug man yelled, "NEXT!"
(called ME???)
Lady did not budge.
I pretended to text...
tried not to judge--grin!
with no sorrow I left, 
said, "Be back tomorrow".


11 AM, entered, 
advanced to

Walgreen Drugs--
(do I now LIVE here?)

Into the queue I leaned,
hoping not to be seen
by any in front of me...
whence splash of green?
Oh No! Oh No! Oh No!

And I had to remind
myself, be kind.

Love one another.

--Steve Elsaesser/steveroni

Story is  true. 
Two cloudy days
made people blue.


  1. oh heck... in such moments it's tough to be kind and love one another...oy... that poor drug man as well... i once went to a walgreen when i was in california cause i needed something specific and of course i knew the name in german only...took us some time to figure out what it was in english...the drug man was very patient and friendly though...ha - after having dealt with the lady in green he might thought that german girl is easy..smiles

  2. some people make it really hard to like them *grin*. but try to we shall, right? right. me? i avoid them, heee heee heeee.

    have a happy weekend, Steve

  3. I'm with the green lady ... who wants to be "finger beckonened" anyway ... like a good little doggie pet, like "come here, little doggie, good little doggie, now roll over", hmmm?

    1. Green is not my fav color--unless I'm walking on it...

  4. smiles....working with people and customers is def not always the easiest....we come in all shapes, sizes and attitudes...lol...good on him for taking care of her and being patient...

  5. Replies
    1. SO happy you are "with us"...and blogging about it, Carol

  6. Very descriptive post, I an feel the atmosphere from your words!

  7. Interesting story today ..well, I guess you have to watch the lady in green but, try to remember
    peace & light..

  8. Peace and light,

    green and lady,

    picture and imagination.

  9. I was sitting in church this morning, in a different place ( because I was the usher)
    and when I looked up I saw red in the stained glass window- behind the organ pipes! Never saw that before!
    New perspectives are just great!

  10. I love the image you chose to go with your poem. Nice job.

    1. Lilith, thank you for your comment.

      Izzy...yesss, different perspe, er, viewpoint! YES! --grinning.

      Rainfield sixty-one. Succingt, you are, Sir. Thanks.

  11. Hey I like your wayward ideas about corn fields! Done my share of eating and growing-
    never his from sheriffs!- It is a yet---- certainly hid in them at some point!

  12. Hehehehehehe. I love that you can turn a frustrating situation into an entertaining story worth remembering. I enjoyed that greatly! Have a fabulous weekend!

  13. You are such a great story teller my friend ... I just love reading you, and all the comments you post on Facebook :-)

  14. A challenge to wait in the drug counter and manage all the customers there ~ Patience is needed on both sides ~ Lovely choice of picture Steve ~

    Take care and have a good week ~

  15. I loved the first two paras like anything... a way with your story telling that goes beyond words ... Thanks a lot, Steve, for being such lively hearted... it brings joy to others, too, and count me one :)

  16. You're lucky for only those TWO cloudy days. We have the opposite in midwinter / end of winter Holland, it seems. Imagine what all your fellow Floridians would do with our Continental European weather. Walmart would be a battlefield. Head for the pillow section to cushion the blows, Steve. Head for your life! :)