Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, February 21, 2014


Lucky, a Rhodesian Ridgeback / German Shepherd combo, a "Rescue Dog", owned by Anna's daughter, 
a teacher in South Korea. Anna has been caretaker-caregiver  for three years.  It is a hard day for her.
21 February 2014


Everyone agreed it was best
For Lucky to have final rest.
Only age five
So alive
Too young to die

Cancer struck him down
In his leg bone found.
Fast moving, aggressive
He, never depressive
Just ran out of steam

So now he breathes his last.
It all happened so fast

In just over thirty days
Dirty cells had their ways
Yesterday, kissing him

Today.....missing himSO MUCH!

Oh, my....
LUCKY! (sigh)



  1. Yesterday kissing.
    Today Missing.
    Left singing, life is short.

  2. We do need to love them while they are with us! I am always so heart broken by their passing-

  3. Thanks, Izzy!

    Rainfield, thank you.

  4. Oh no, that is too sad.
    Lucky was so beautiful and too young to die.
    Sorry, Steve.

  5. oh man.
    i am so sorry.
    cancer sucks.
    too young to die for sure. please give anna a hug for me. pups are family and hard to lose, even if it is mercy for what he was going through.

  6. Steve, I am so sorry to read this. Such heartbreak. I am so sad for you. I am sorry. Rest in Peace, Lucky. Tsup!

  7. oh i'm so sorry to hear this steve... i had a dog when i was a teenager and when he died it was a terrible loss.... hugs to anna...

  8. How so so sad Steve ~ I am so sorry to hear about Lucky ~

  9. I went through this with my dog Piwo about 3 weeks ago ... had him put down ... he was a black lab ... oh ...

  10. I am so sorry for your loss, Steve. So heartbreaking to lose Lucky. Hugs.

  11. This so sad Steve..hugs and peace to you my friend..

  12. I think this was written on facebook too ? anyway I remember responding at the time- thanks for being such a fun and funny friend! thanks for visiting FF55 !

  13. This is so sad my friend ... but Lucky will always be with you, close to you, in your heart.

  14. Steve, I am just now reading this. So sorry to hear about Lucky. Osteosarcoma? Very sad. Tell Anna how sorry I am.

  15. Oh Steve, my heart bleeds for you. I know how deeply they attach themselves to their humans, and their humans to them... and leave a gaping big hole... hugs to Anna, hugs to you.

  16. Hi Steve,

    I just wanted to say hello it's been awhile since I've seen you around the blog land..

    Peace and light my friend..

  17. How sad to lose a beloved, loyal pet. I've been home from India since Dec 3, staying with my son, daughter-in-law, delightful granddaughter who will be a year old next month and my two granddogs who are so wonderful. I am always amazed that they remember me after my six month absences!!!

    1. RNSANE, thank you. I pretty well have igrated to Face Book, and have about a dozen Indian "friends" in that venue. From several cities, and even the islands off the SE coast, they have become "real" friends.

      India is a country I would choose to visit over anywhere else in the world...so I envy your trip there.
      Today, March 18, marks my 40th anniversary of being sober. I still go to lots of meetings. Blessings to all who might read this comment, and to YOU RNSANE!!!!

  18. Thinking of you, Steve and sending best wishes for joy always.
    Wonderful news on being sober for 40 years, such a blessing.
    God be with you, always.