Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Story I posted on steveroni
3 years ago. I decided this is my 
message for January 2014. 
The story is true. Are not most?


There sat old man, 
sun-cracked face 
sitting on huge rock
higher up than lower mountains. 
With clouds below so beautifully formed, 
I asked if he'd take my photo. 
He agreed as I held out my camera. 
So I was thinking
...better not do this.

He was ready to focus, 
when arms and shoulders 
began shaking 
in near-violent manner. 
I grabbed for my camera,
but the look on his face 
told me to hold back, 
allow him to snap a picture.

He did.
He smiled.
I smiled.

Each looked into other's eyes 
as tears fell upon high land. 
We both again smiled, shook hands,
exchanged blessings, 
whispered our "good-bys". 

He has a happy, as do I. 

Tonight, asking
"Have I been friendly today...
to whoever needed a friend?" 

I wonder about the man 
who was so far 
from any sign of human life, 
on top very high mountain.

Remembering its thinness, 
air (sigh) sweet-smelling.
Like jasmine. 
I had rested long enough! 

I climbed so high...
...Or AM I ?


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  1. smiles.
    hey every chance meeting we have is an opportunity
    to spread the joy...spread the love...give light...
    each person is a story...sometimes we get to write
    a line into it...maybe just a punctuation mark
    a parenthesis turned on its side )
    you are a good man sir steve

  2. i love that you allowed him to take that pic - i bet it meant the world for him - sometimes the air is thin for each of us and if someone believes we can do it, it changes everything....you have a good heart steve...

  3. Steve.. you inspire me :)
    in many ways.

    loved it

  4. we meet who we're meant to (unless your name is steveroni, he goes out and meets the 'world', :) - but i digress... for reasons unknown. maybe they needed to meet you?! i like how this makes me feel... goooood.

  5. What a lovely heart warming story Steve!

  6. Climbing high and climbing low ... everyday ... don't even mind diving ... you? Excellent post, Steve ... Love, cat.

  7. Wow, I miss coming here. The topics are very serious and intense and I am full of mischief, I want to be irreverent but I can't.