Drinking Alcohol taught me how to fly
Then it took away the sky....

Friday, January 17, 2014



Aurora sees our Sea of Grass happily swaying.
For winter in SW Florida we have a saying:
Season has little affect on life's daily mundane:

what, who and whether--decisions made:
light blue jackets, green shoes, feathered hats?
In balmy south florida even little black gnats
continue staging nightly crusades.

On this day...

St Ann school yard: properly-uniformEd girls,
knee-length skirts, white blouses 'neath curls, 
tiny brown shoes running in small world, a'skelter. 
All making wonderful noise.
Attempting same time perfect poise! HA! 

No need today for indoor shelter.
Boys over there, giving not a whit...

playing baseball, yelling "Foul!"
"NO! (dammmit!) It's a hit!" 

An ordinary day? Yes!

A hundred people walk reverently past this scene
ostensibly unseen, to gather, remember and adore 
in chapel, seating 50 souls, standing 50 more.

(They never realize)

when one of us has died
we each die a little inside.
and early we all rise 
to show up
to own up
as what each agree,
"next one could be me."

"He taught us little; but our soul
Had felt him like the thunder's roll."
--Matthew Arnold

Written on occasion of a memorial mass for a friend--sober 31 years--who drifted away, and isolated from his program. and could not deal with life on life's terms. 
He blew his head off a week ago.

"Remember we deal with alcohol: Cunning, Baffling, Powerful. Without help it is too much for us..."
--Alcoholics Anonymous pp 58-59 (italics mine)


  1. hey...you make me smile with your comments... reading yours now... be back in a bit...smiles

  2. oh steve... i'm so sorry to hear about your friend... so sad when this happens.. and esp. after being sober for 31 years... and the earth spins on... and life goes on... but for some never quite the same.. and i can relate to the die a little inside when we lost someone who was close to us..... hugs....

  3. Sooo sorry he wandered off - I get numb and dumb sometimes but then someone coughs up some real gut wrenching stuff and it makes our eyes and heart open wide again. Thanks for visiting!

    1. Yup. I think we all understand--need to just stay in touch at the very LEAST.

      IT'S ABOUT TIME you wrote blog! So long overdue. But whenever it does happen, it's GoooD!

  4. Some fight for their life and others fight life.
    It's a shame after 31 years of dealing with his demons, he gave up.
    It's true when one dies a little part of us dies. They take that life with them

    1. First line of comment is truly "inspired"...

  5. when one of us has died
    we each die a little inside.

    so true....i am sorry on the death of your friend...and the circumstances as well...drifting away, alone...its hard....

    1. LIFE is a "WE" program, I have proof! Thanks Brian.

  6. I am so sorry for the death of your friend. May he rest in Peace. Prayers.

    1. Thank you, my friend.
      PEACE and LIGHT--(He has that, now!)

  7. Life is temporary; whoever is born has an expiry date. Steve, we are sorry to learn the sad demise of your friend. May he rest in peace!

  8. Agree w you Tariq...TIME is temporary.

  9. How very sad for your friend, your words ae a great tribute.